NTRR Partner Purlife Signs Deal With Auto Warranty Company
Released: 11/26/13 05:00 AM EST

Neutra Corp. (OTCBB: NTRR), a growing provider of all-natural wellness solutions, is proud to announce that its partner, Purlife, has signed a deal with one of Canada’s largest automotive warranty companies to make its revolutionary Drivepur Protection System available to a network of 1,200 car dealerships.

The Drivepur system includes all-natural, anti-microbial coatings capable of making automobiles, RVs, boats and more permanently hygienic inside and out. The water-based treatment kills all festering germs, bacteria, allergens, mold, fungus and odors on contact, helping to prevent respiratory diseases, allergic reactions and other serious illnesses spread through vehicular contamination.

The company’s nano-thin coating remains effective inside a vehicle’s interior for up to 12 months, a major improvement over other products on the market.

It could also prove extremely profitable for Purlife and NTRR. Global Industry Analysts, Inc. predicts that the North American air-purification equipment market could grow to $4.8 billion by 2017. Aftermarket products, including protective coatings, account for a large percentage of dealerships' gross profits. Now Drivepur will be made available to one of North America’s largest dealer networks.

“Drivepur is an incredible product that makes both new and used cars cleaner and more hygienic than ever before,” said NTRR CEO Sydney Jim. “We’re very excited to partner with Purlife to make this deal a huge success for investors.”

Neutra Corp. is dedicated to commercializing innovative, all-natural products to compete in the fast-growing wellness sector alongside Herbalife Ltd. (NYSE: HLF), Vitamin Shoppe (NYSE: VSI), Nutraceutical International Corp. (NASDAQ: NUTR) and Schiff Nutrition International Inc. (NYSE: WNI).

In addition to anti-microbial coatings, NTRR is also pursuing new opportunities in nutraceuticals, including the booming medical marijuana sector. For more information on NTRR's nutraceuticals initiative, please visit www.neutracorp.com.

About Neutra Corp.

Neutra Corp. is a healthy lifestyle company that specializes in the development and marketing of natural wellness solutions, including cannabis-related products and services as well as protective, anti-microbial coatings for indoor and outdoor surfaces. For investing information and performance data, please visit www.neutracorp.com.

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