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US State Economics   State Politicians and the Public Pension Cookie Jar Politicians don’t cut public pensions b/c they pad own pensions $$ Jun 09, 2012 North Las Vegas Crisis Shows Fragility of Nevada Economy Moral laxity of Vegas invites elements that lead2trouble $$ Jun 09, 2012 Wrong: What Scott Walker can teach [...]

US State Economics


  • State Politicians and the Public Pension Cookie Jar Politicians don’t cut public pensions b/c they pad own pensions $$ Jun 09, 2012
  • North Las Vegas Crisis Shows Fragility of Nevada Economy Moral laxity of Vegas invites elements that lead2trouble $$ Jun 09, 2012
  • Wrong: What Scott Walker can teach Barack Obama When Walker campaigned he did not know he would have a majority in +1/2 Jun 06, 2012
  • both houses of the legislature. He seized the opportunity & did something bold in order to fix Wisconsin’s finances. Result: Survives recall Jun 06, 2012


US Fiscal Policy


  • U.S. House May Split Up Package of Expired Tax Breaks Good idea; let each tax break stand on its own &b abolished. $$ Jun 09, 2012
  • True Capitalists Are Pro-Market, Not Pro-Business Get business special interests out of tax code & govt subsidies $$ Jun 08, 2012
  • Senate Dealmaker Baucus Turns to Rewrite of US Tax Code Baucus is going to try to gore everyone equally, maybe? $$ Jun 08, 2012
  • RT @TheOneDave: True capitalists are pro-market rather than pro-business, according to Yale’s Stephen Carter: via @ … Jun 08, 2012
  • Americans Cling to Jobs as U.S. Workforce Dynamism Fades Inverted Mtge, 2 earners, ec uncertainty reduce flexibility $$ Jun 08, 2012
  • Teachers Unions Have a Popularity Problem Pct of electorate backing rights of teachers 2 collectively bargain falls $$ Jun 05, 2012
  • Monetary Aid Coming as Wal-Mart Helps Housing Mixed Bag: QE3, Youth unemployment & being near a WalMart boosts home $$ Jun 04, 2012
  • U.S. Multinationals Lobby to Alter Tax Rules They Sought Would be better to eliminate, & raise taxes on divs & CGs $$ Jun 04, 2012


US Mortgages & Real Estate


  • Mortgage Rates Hit New Low, 30-Year Drops to 3.67% Because housing is not recovering, mtge rates continue to fall $$ Jun 08, 2012
  • FHA Turns to Investors as Losses Continue to Rise US Govt messes up another lending guarantee area. They always do $$ Jun 08, 2012




  • Strong Yen Won’t Survive Japan’s Fiscal Cliff Shilling argues that Japan will suffer as it ages & sells govt debt $$ Jun 09, 2012
  • Ikea to Consider India Entry, Plans More China Stores Many difficulties setting up biz in overregulated India $$ Jun 08, 2012
  • Japan Confronts Flight to Quality With Brutal Yen Wondering when the “flight to quality” may no longer benefit Japan $$ Jun 07, 2012
  • China Cuts Interest Rates for First Time Since 2008 Unlikely to do much to stimulate, not much demand 4 loans now $$ Jun 07, 2012
  • Bad News Piles Up for China’s Economy Repeated cycles of malinvestment are finally hitting tipping point of failure $$ Jun 07, 2012
  • Keep tight stops RT @mercenaryjack: Contrarian buy signal $USDJPY RT Japan Confronts Flight to Quality With Brutal Yen Jun 07, 2012
  • Japan’s Debt Sustains a Deflationary Depression As Japan ages & shrinks, will be hard 4 it to maintain economy $$ Jun 05, 2012
  • Bob Fu: The Pastor of China’s Underground Railroad Fascinating tale of life in China & influencing China from outside Jun 04, 2012




  • Brown Challenged Over Dodd-Frank Scott Brown best chance at election: pro-business moderate; paint Warren extremist $$ Jun 08, 2012
  • What’s Changed After Wisconsin Don’t normally link2 Peggy Noonan, but the last line was quite a stinger. Jun 08, 2012
  • “Because Bill Clinton loves politics, he hates losers. Maybe he just can’t resist sticking it to them a little, when he gets a chance.” $$ + Jun 08, 2012
  • Romney Executive Style Forged in Faith He Rarely Mentions He has 2b quiet; there is no upside explaining Mormonism $$ Jun 08, 2012
  • Hollande Gets Crisis-Protection Tips From Business-Friendly Lyon Interesting piece; Lyon businessmen guide Socialism $$ Jun 08, 2012
  • Walker Bets on Brats to Heal Wisconsin as Praise Pours In Smart move on Walker’s part after a bitter election fight $$ Jun 08, 2012
  • Chavez Losing Grip on ‘Benjamin’ as U.S. Dollars Sought Thier’s law in action in Venezuela $$ Jun 08, 2012
  • Congressman to Bernanke: Take QE3 Off the Table I’m sorry, but the Fed doesn’t listen 2 Congress; they’re above that $$ Jun 07, 2012
  • Bernanke Cites Risks, but Doesn’t Signal Action Bernanke is a dove, but does not like to telegraph views, only leak $$ Jun 07, 2012
  • French, Greek Unemployment Rise Highest jobless rate in France in a decade and a record unemployment rate in Greece $$ Jun 07, 2012
  • Hollande Deficit Vow Lures Investors to French Debt I’ll believe it when I c it. What taxes rise & programs cut? $$ Jun 07, 2012
  • Merkel Allies Signal Progress on Fund to Pool Debts Don’t see how this works economically or politically long-term $$ Jun 07, 2012
  • RE: @bloombergview Bloomberg’s regulation fails one basic test: “I’d like two sodas, please.”  Very dumb, and he went… Jun 07, 2012

·  Student Loans Held by the Federal Government When the govt enters a lending business, it typically creates a bubble $$ Jun 06, 2012

·  Obama’s Debt Boom $$ borrowed & misspent produces no growth; same 4 QE which inflates goods and Hi-Qual asset prices $$ Jun 06, 2012

  • Wisconsin Voters Head to Polls in Recall Election <2% of WI voters uncertain. Most divisive election I can recall.. $$ Jun 05, 2012
  • Recall Stirs Passion in a Purple State I think Wisconsin would b more civil if it weren’t recall election $$ #civilwar Jun 04, 2012




  • Oil Heads for Longest Weekly Losing Streak in 13 Years After oil bubble popped in 2008, we went down to $50, not now $$ Jun 09, 2012
  • Oil Tankers Squeezed as Rates Drop to Lowest Since ’97 Could go lower; what will the bondholders do w/the boats? $$ :D Jun 05, 2012
  • Romney Aversion to Wind-Power Aid Alienating Republicans Good. End *all* energy subsidies, especially ethanol. $$ Jun 05, 2012


Bond Markets


  • Investors Bail on Junk Bonds This is still early, & we lack notable defaults necessary to have a full-scale panic $$ Jun 09, 2012
  • A Safe Haven in ‘Cat’ Bonds Every fixed income subclass eventually underwrites crud in a mania; still waiting here $$ Jun 07, 2012
  • MF Global and the Risks Looming in the Repo Market Should have been a red flag to see Corzine change the core biz $$ Jun 07, 2012
  • The TIPS curve has become inverted CPI inflation expectation falling in near term; may justify some dumb move by Fed $$ Jun 06, 2012
  • Thought experiment: What if PIMCO Hi Inc $PHK 70% prem2NAV did a rights offering giving each share a tradable right 2 buy a share @ par? $$ Jun 05, 2012
  • Quirks of High-Yield ETFs Good article; I will follow up w/a piece comparing time- & $$ -weighted returns of bond ETFs Jun 04, 2012
  • In all of the bond furor of last week, anyone else notice that the real yield on the on-the-run 20-yr TIPS went negative? I didn’t either $$ Jun 04, 2012




  • I like to think that I am pretty imaginative, so, wow! $$ RT @betandbetter: @AlephBlog and the reality of France is worst than u CAN imagine Jun 07, 2012
  • The rise and fall of European banking Lenders retreat within own borders to minimize losses in breakup scenario $$ Jun 07, 2012
  • 4 reasons why the euro will survive Too painful, Votersr risk-averse, euro is innovative?? & ECB can handle troubles $$ Jun 07, 2012
  • Spanish, French Borrowing Costs Diverge Spain had to cut the size of its auction to make it succeed $$ Jun 07, 2012
  • My Self-Esteem a Mess Is Refrain for Spain’s Unemployed When the economy turns down many other problems occur $$ Jun 07, 2012
  • Germany Grapples With Role in Rescue Will the rest of Eurozone embrace the idea of a Federal Europe? Open question. $$ Jun 06, 2012
  • Maybe the solution is to send unemployed Greek, Portugese, Spanish, Italian & Irish workers to Germany, there is low unemployment there $$ Jun 06, 2012
  • “It has brought untold suffering to Europe” Interview w/Felix Zuluaf, translated from German, regarding the Eurozone $$ Jun 05, 2012
  • @JackHBarnes @japhychron Maybe define a euro as exchangeable into fixed %s of subcurrencies, and let the subcurrencies trade; learn new wgts Jun 05, 2012
  • RT @JackHBarnes: How hard would it be to relaunch sub currencys at the N.C.B level, but have a quote vs the Euro as a whole? Dynamic int … Jun 05, 2012
  • Spain Warns Market Access Being Shut Spain auctions 2-yr, 4-yr & 10-yr bonds on 6/7, which will tell us a lot. $$ Jun 05, 2012
  • Germany refuses Eurobonds: Germany would accept eurobonds if full fiscal/banking unification $$ Jun 04, 2012
  • Portugal Props Up Three Banks The Eurozone must either centralize, or break into smaller compeatible units $$ Jun 04, 2012




  • Intel Can’t Break TV’s Bundles Difficult 2encourage a la carte pricing for television shows; few incentives FD: + $INTC Jun 08, 2012
  • Pushing the PRAM: when chips just can’t get any smaller Fascinating technologies 4 future shrinkage of storage & NAND $$ Jun 08, 2012
  • Could value investors be the reason a stock’s cheap? No, cheap stock is y value investors show; we don’t make it cheap Jun 08, 2012
  • Big Customers Are Taking Longer to Pay Causes everyone to seek longer financing terms; not a good sign $$ Jun 07, 2012
  • The (very) bullish case for the American auto market Premature to forecast a boom here; credit is not that good $$ Jun 05, 2012
  • JPMorgan Faces $4.2B Trading Loss, ISI Forecasts $JPM looks cheap here, but is it safe here? Almost tempted 2 buy $$ Jun 05, 2012
  • Hedges Gone Awry Set Back Chesapeake How many times does a hedger lose $$ speculating? Usually once, the last time ;) Jun 04, 2012


Monetary Policy


  • Rely on BB2provide dovish $$ policy RT @cabaum1 Bernanke says nothing without committing to anything via @BloombergView Jun 07, 2012
  • Why Everyone Still Wants Dollars $$ hegemony will stop when neomercantilistic nations stop subsidizing exporters via FX Jun 07, 2012
  • Pimco’s Home-Loan Wager Seen as Prescient on QE3 Odds Key Q: if QE3, what will the Fed buy? Tsys, Agys, Mtges, other $$ Jun 07, 2012
  • @ampressman Monetary policy has not been run properly since Volcker left. $$ Jun 06, 2012
  • RE: @bloombergview Where is your proof that QE works? A stupid idea thought up by ivory tower economists. Rubbish. Jun 06, 2012
  • @GaelicTorus Sorry, disagree. Fiat monetary policy is constrained by the total resources/productivity of an economy @ a given price level $$ Jun 06, 2012
  • Bill Gross: Global monetary system may be fatally flawed System doesn’t work well if savers don’t earn more than CPI $$ Jun 06, 2012




  • Behind every model is an analogy; behind every datum is history; marry the 2, you have a story. Math obscures, doesn’t reveal econ truth $$ Jun 07, 2012
  • Wrong: What If Speed Traders Competed on Price? Moves to lower the tick size have always led to more games, not less $$ Jun 07, 2012
  • Are Economics PhDs Learning the Wrong Thing? If more Economics depts taught philosophy & history would help fix Econ $$ Jun 07, 2012




  • Gold Bugs Defy Bear-Market Threat With Soros Buying Gold does well when real interest rates fall, & vice-versa $$ Jun 06, 2012
  • Exhausting the Earth’s Resources? Not So Fast It will b a long time b4 mining asteroids will b economic. $$ Jun 05, 2012
  • Next Frontier: Mining the Ocean Floor After years of discussing it, it is finally happening, w/Glencore buying ores $$ Jun 05, 2012




  • Wall Street to Muppets: Thanks for the Love Blunt opening: “The dumb money is back.” Equity mutual funds get $$ inflows Jun 06, 2012
  • 10 Things Law Schools Won’t Tell You Most of it boils down to oversupply, high training costs, low quality, job lies $$ Jun 06, 2012
  • Bristol Immune Drug Success in Cancer May Spur Industry Race Promising therapy awakens immune system 2fight cancer $$ Jun 05, 2012
  • NRA-Backed Law Spells Out When Indianans May Open Fire on Police Law will likely not last long; few corrupt cops $$ Jun 05, 2012
  • AIG Chief Sees Retirement Age as High as 80 After Crisis A bit of a tin ear as he relaxes at his Croatian villa $$ Jun 04, 2012
  • IPads on a Plane Let Scoot Save Fuel by Shedding TV Tons Never realized the entertainment system weighed so much $$ Jun 04, 2012
  • Q: What Is New and Scary? A: The Revised GMAT Nu requires test-takers2read & sort complex charts & analyze much data $$ Jun 04, 2012
  • Iran and Israel Can Agree on This: Rita Jahanforuz Totally Rocks Jewish Star Remakes Persian Oldies; Fans in Tehran $$ Jun 04, 2012
  • European Project Trips China Builder Long tale of woe in Poland from accepting lowball bid from Chinese construction co Jun 04, 2012
  • Good time had by all $$ MT @interfluidity: a mexican lunch in ellicott city with @interfluidity makes for a delightful afternoon. Jun 04, 2012
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