Implant Centre Martinko Offers All On Six Implants In Trieste

Trieste based Implant Centre Martinko is pleased to announce that they recently launched a new website, designed specifically for the Italian public. Considered one of the best implant centres in Italy with a high rate of success, access to the most advanced techniques, highly advanced modern technology, and a number of experts who have successfully restored numerous patients’ smiles, Implant Centre Martinko offers an individualised approach to each patient. The dental clinic considers themselves one of the best implant centres in Trieste.

Dental implants are considered the best solution to the problem of a missing tooth because an implant is able to fit into the jaw bone in place of the missing tooth, and acts the same as a natural tooth. Thanks to the high quality materials, new techniques, and the biocompatible material Implant Centre Martinko uses, patients can rest assured that they will receive only the best implants.

One of the dental implant procedures offered by the implant centre is known as the All On Six implant. This method of oral rehabilitation is meant for patients who have lost a large number of teeth. The procedure has multiple advantages thanks to the fact that it offers patients a way to obtain a solution to their issue in as few as 24 hours. All On Six adds a whole new dimension to dental prosthetic rehabilitation.

After losing all their natural teeth, many patients opt for traditional dental prostheses but, after a short period of time, come to the conclusion that this is not the ideal solution to their situation. This does not mean that the total loss of one’s teeth excludes them from from enjoying a strong, beautiful, and functional smile, since Implant Centre Martinko has a team of experts who, using their years of experience, have developed Smile Design to help patients suffering from this ailment to recreate their smile and enjoy their lives again.

As the dental office states on their website, “The innovative and advanced technique All On Six uses six dental implants and—for this reason—it is a reliable, stable, and long-lasting method that allows you to have a nice smile in just one day. This represents a real achievement of modern dentistry, and our dental practice tries to always be aware of all global trends.”

The All On Six technique allows dentists to rehabilitate an entire dental arch. A classic mobile prosthesis comes with feelings of instability which can be eliminated using the permanent All On Six implant. The permanent implants allow the patient to eat, drink, talk, and smile with the same confidence as those with a natural set of teeth.

As Implant Centre Martinko says, “Thanks to the development of this revolutionary implant-prosthetic method, insufficient functionality, inadequate aesthetics, and poor stability of the prosthetic solutions have been replaced by the possibility of talking, eating, laughing naturally, and enjoying everyday activities. When our patients are faced with the choice of a lost smile rehabilitation technique, one of the most preferred methods of correction is the All On Six. With this technique the patient obtains a complete solution, and obtains the fixed teeth with minimal delay.”

The dental centre has received a number of positive reviews from many pleased clients. One review states, “Just returned from the Implant Centre Martinko, and I must immediately give a thank you to the doctor. Thank you for giving me back my smile. Thanks are extended to all the assistants and collaborators of the firm, you are fantastic and you have so much kindness and humanity.”

Those looking for a professional implant centre that makes use of the most advanced techniques available may contact Dr. Damir Martinko of Implant Centre Martinko. The dental centre makes it their priority to make use of only the most advanced techniques and the highest quality implant materials, and clients can rest assured that they will receive the best treatment available at every visit. Find out more at ICM.


For more information about Implant Centre Martinko, contact the company here:

Implant Centre Martinko
Dr. Damir Martinko
+39 (0) 4098-35469
Via Dante Alighieri 7, Trieste 34121 Trieste TS, Italy


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