Profit Free Face Masks For Children Launched

Adult Ones Simply Don't Fit

LOS ANGELES, CA, July 10, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- After the CDC recommended that anyone over the age of two should wear a face mask a Californian- based businesswoman was inundated by worried parents who said that adult masks slipped, and weren't secure on children's faces.

Anja Kahn of Ms Shape had already switched production from tights to adult masks. Rising to the challenge she launches a range of masks that are designed specifically to fit smaller faces, and what's more they are profit free.
Amongst other things they consider that ears are more flexible and that noses and mouths are less pronounced than adults.

As well as the design aesthetic there's also loads of science packed into each Ms Shape mask. Technology such as double layered material knitted from a silver ion infused antimicrobial fiber which has then undergone further anti-covid19 and antimicrobial treatment features, ensuring a self-sanitizing, hypoallergenic bacteria and virus inhibiting surface.

This is in addition to a water repellent agent, which aids in the protection against droplets in the air when someone nearby has sneezed or coughed.

"Would you send your four year old out in a pair of adult jeans? Of course, not– so why are you putting your child in an adult mask," says Anja Kahn CEO of Ms Shape.

"I was so worried seeing children in masks that were slipping off their noses and ears that I had to do something. We took the science and technology from our adult masks and applied it to our children's equivalents. Like children's clothing we've considered things like smaller features to make sure that the mask sits snuggly, covering the nose and mouth and stays there," says Anja Kahn, CEO of Ms Shape.

Worried about the impact disposable masks have on the environment, MSSHAPE masks are designed so that they can be worn and washed up to 30 times.

The not for profit masks are manufactured in a small family-run, sanitized factory and despatched from within the USA. "For a mask to be effective it should sit snuggly over one's nose and mouth. Adult masks used on kids instil a false sense of confidence as put simply they just don't fit, they slip and as such kids move them back over their faces running the risk of contamination," said Anja Kahn CEO,

MS SHAPE also makes the point that all masks are intended as an additional tool in the precautions taken to minimise exposure to Covid 19 and should be used as part of social distancing and personal hygiene protocols.

They also provide a more cost-effective solution to disposable masks. Priced at $19.99 for the antimicrobial and $29.99 for the anti Covid19, for a pack of five, each mask can be worn, with washing, at a price per wear of between 13c – 19c. All available from and are available in white, black and variety of assorted colors.

Masks should be used in conjunction with regular hand washing and social distancing, and State guidelines. Ms Shape's tips for wearing a face mask effectively:

• Wash hands before handling mask
• Place on face
• Ensure snug fit, it's okay if sides don't fully touch your cheeks
• Do not touch mask whilst wearing - imagine if you had no mask on, you would not touch your face and nose without washing your hands, do same even when wearing the mask - the mask is an additional precaution for peace of mind, not a complete solution.
• If someone has sneezed or coughed in your vicinity, or you feel you have met someone infected, please self-isolate and remove mask and put for wash. Then wash your hands and if needed use a clean washed mask.
• Do not wear same mask for longer than a day. The properties in the mask are longer term than that, however we want you to err on side of caution at all times, and as these masks are washable, you should refresh after each single instance use.
• You are not used to wearing a mask so it may take some time to get used to. This is normal and you will soon learn how to breathe and regulate your breath, and it's easier if you breathe through your nose.
• Wash after every use – by hand and use detergent, due to water repellence they air dry really quickly

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