Legendary Life Announces up to $250,000 in Scholarships are Available for their "Live Your Legend" Mastermind

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Miami, Florida Jun 1, 2021 (Issuewire.com) - Legendary Life announces that up to $250,000 in scholarships are immediately being made available to be used towards their highly acclaimed "Live Your Legend" Mastermind. Depending on the need, the money will be available to cover up to 100% of an applicant's tuition.


The COVID-19 pandemic affected everyone across the globe in a multitude of different ways large and small. It turned people's lives completely upside down. The pandemic impacted people from all different cultures, nationalities, and socioeconomic statuses. The pandemic and its associated lockdowns, business closures, layoffs, etc. caused many people to take a step back and reevaluate all aspects of their lives, from their personal values and goals to their goals for their careers and businesses, to their relationships goals, to where and how they want to live and what they ultimately want to achieve and get out of this lifetime.


The Live Your Legend Mastermind content is based on years of meticulous research. Its overarching mission is to help people quickly and successfully identify and begin to pivot into a life that is aligned with their "Personal Legend". A "Personal Legend" is sort of like your life's ideal destiny. What we were 'meant to do and to become. The things we are meant to experience, to accomplish, and to learn in this lifetime. The things that are most aligned with our truest, innate skill sets, passions, goals, and desires. The idea is that when we accurately identify and begin to pursue our Personal Legend, then the whole Universe conspires to help us achieve it. And the closer you are to your 'Personal Legend', the easier things come to you and the happier and more fulfilled you become."


The Live Your Legend mastermind was actually conceived of and the foundation built well before the emergence of COVID-19. However, the pandemic caused Legendary Life to "turn it up a notch" and make sure it was laser-focused on the needs of the people coming out of lockdowns who were dedicated to identifying and Living Their Legend to the fullest extent possible right now (not "someday").


Legendary Life co-founder Todd Luongo: "The pandemic hit and, among other things, we saw how it was putting people in an unprecedented position to be able to pause and reevaluate their lives in profound and substantial ways. Furthermore, we heard our Legendary Life community telling us that they were now willing to "play big" in a way they simply weren't willing to do prior to 2020. People were telling us that they were ready and willing to make major life changes, even later in life, that they never would have conceived of being willing to pursue pre-pandemic. All they needed was experienced guidance that could help them with developing personalized roadmaps, research-tested training, tools, tech, and a like-minded community to support them along the way. So we made sure that the Live Your Legend Mastermind ticked all those boxes and over-delivered in every single area."


The exclusive Live Your Legend Mastermind is a live format, small group mastermind that launched to high response and great reviews at the beginning of 2021. It's led by Legendary Life co-founders Todd Luongo and Lee Snir as well as special guest Legendary Life coaches. The Legendary Life Mastermind format combines live, online meetings with "real world" exercises and activities that can be done in a COVID-safe manner and local to wherever the mastermind participants are based. The Live Your Legend Mastermind also includes one-on-one access to Legendary Life co-founders Todd Luongo and Lee Snir as well as access to exclusive Legendary Life mobile app functionality, physical products, exclusive strategies, tactics, and experienced, special guest educators.


While potentially life-changing, this mastermind is not for everyone. There's a significant amount of commitment and dedication required both during the 8 week mastermind period as well as before and after the mastermind as there is pre and post-work assigned. It is critical that the participant be willing to fully commit themselves to complete all aspects of the program.  We don't promise that identifying, pursuing, and achieving your Personal Legend is easy. We only promise that if one chooses to show up and "do the work" that it will be worth it once you can truly say that you are "Living Your Legend". 


Legendary Life has a rigid, application-based approach to screen potential mastermind participants to ensure a maximally positive and productive experience for all parties. Legendary Life screens for overall fit, attitude, aptitude, mindset, alignment of goals, and willingness to be a productive, trusting, and trusted member of a high-achieving, small group, like-minded community.


However, one thing that we didn't want to get in the way of people having the opportunity to accurately identify, pursue, achieve and Live their Personal Legends is lack of funds. That's why Legendary Life has developed and launched this scholarship. 


Live masterminds taught by successful leaders with decades of experience, using customized, research-tested tools, techniques, products, and tech are expensive to develop and put on. There's no doubt about that. That's why some of them cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to attend.


The Catch-22 for many people as we begin to emerge from the pandemic is that some of the people that need this mastermind the most are those who were most affected financially by COVID-19 and thus can least afford the tuition. Legendary Life is launching this scholarship to help address this challenge and to give the people that need it the most the tools they need to make the changes they want to make in their lives and to hit the ground running with Living Their Legends. This scholarship program will be a massive support to many people who are struggling to get back on their feet. 


Anyone interested in taking advantage of this scholarship should email Legendary Life at info@legendarylife.com with the subject line "Scholarship". Please (briefly) describe your situation, why you feel you should be considered for the scholarship, and what you are looking to get out of the Live Your Legend Mastermind. Alternatively, you may DM Legendary Life with this information on their Instagram account @liveyourlegendarylife. Someone from Legendary Life will be in touch promptly to follow up with your request and to explain the scholarship and application process.

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