How SquadBotik Machine Learning is making the world a safer place

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by Catalina Correa

New York – 4th August, 2021 –With Covid19 sweeping the planet and severely impacting global supply chains, increasing strain on national infrastructure and resources has been foreseeably inevitable. Maintaining maritime and coastal security has been a key challenge for law enforcement agencies everywhere. This unprecedented perfect storm has created optimal conditions for organized crime to intensify its illicit activities in the traffic of narcotics, arms smuggling, pharmaceutical and other types of contraband, and human trafficking.  The devastating consequences of these illegal operations have direct and measurable impacts on businesses, supply chains and human lives both directly and indirectly. 

While intelligence, prevention and tracking of criminal networks continues to be a key driver in national security frameworks, it is now clear that critical daily issues involving maritime and coastal criminality must be effectively addressed as an integral part of all national security programs.  Governments around the world must now “out-innovate and out-pace” these sophisticated illegal networks.  As they race to overhaul their strategies, law enforcement agencies are swiftly transitioning towards Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and positioning them at the core of their defence and security frameworks.


Why AI and ML?

Manual verification methods are time-consuming, prone to human error, resource-demanding, and can only target a limited percentage of possible scenarios amid millions of daily transactions. Adjustment for constantly changing modus operandi is slow and sub-optimal. In 2021, Artificial Intelligence became an invaluable ally in the battle against smuggling and fraud; the slow but steady recovery of the global economy following the rollout of the Covid19 vaccines presents an opportunity to upgrade the way countries move goods across coastal ports for a more efficient, cost-effective response to border security challenges.


SquadBotik Coastal Security

SquadBotik delivers solutions enabling proactive analysis and real-time insights that anticipate threats by adapting and evolving with the shifting illicit methods thus rendering it very difficult to evade authorities and coastal controls.  Vulnerabilities are eliminated and reduced through a holistic approach, taking all components into consideration:

  • Existing intelligence
  • Security requirements
  • Transportation methods
  • Existing infrastructure
  • Hardware
  • Local legislation
  • Law enforcement


SquadBotik’s autonomous surveillance solutions create a network of standard and thermal cameras, balloons and drones, reducing the margin of error and triggering immediate tactical support in case of intrusion.

Here are examples of how our fully-automated security frameworks operate to improve existing infrastructure and methods:

1. – 17:03 – Beacon 34 emits a pre alarm triggered in real time.  The AI analyses all the data (weather, infrared camera, long range, radar) and concludes that it is a reflection.  It stores the event but does not launch an alarm. Detection of false positive

2. – 18:08 – Beacon 37 has its 3rd unconfirmed pre-alarm from its long-range camera.  The AI sends a failure alarm from this camera to the central.  Maintenance warning/request.

3. – 19:00 – Beacon 22 detects a vessel entering territorial waters whose home port is unknown and sends a signal to the beacon base and the central engine.  The AI automatically sends a request for automatic doubt removal. Threat Verification

4. – 19:01 The AI of beacon 25 (closer to the area) launches its drone. The AI triggers the land balloon at an altitude of 350M and turns to the area for doubt removal. 2nd Threat verification

5. – 19:07 The AI analyses all drone and balloon data in real time and notices an evasive navigation of the ship and armed individuals on the bridge. The AI launches the alarm, and the drone withdraws before receiving hostile fire. Threat Detection

6. – 00.00 The engine that has received all the events automatically launches a relearning with the information from all beacons and redistributes it; knowledge-sharing that allows for optimal and effective local action. Automated Continuous improvement

This is all possible by means of the automatic ML system and the artificial intelligence monitor developed as a result of 18 000 labour-days of research and development spanning over 10 years and in collaboration with the largest universities under the direction of Mr. Bruno Ciroussel.

With over 15 years of software development experience and more than 20 years in the security field, we have developed a unique off-the-shelf IOT sensor technology operating in a matrix model in which each point is a detection and communication system, acting independently to capture data in real time yet all part of a single AI central office.  Our clients have the advantage of instant reporting, proactive analysis and forecasting, effectively measuring performance, continuously improving itself, and anticipating any security threats. Our solutions automatically generate the best data model for the organization, evaluating all historical performance information, risks and results, after which the process acquires the capability to automatically generate an agent through ML that has been optimized by prediction, classification, and false positive detection.

Squadbotik’s autonomous AI territorial surveillance is the most advanced in its field, serving a large customer base of private and government clients.  Additionally, its technology has applications in other sectors such as banking, insurance, logistics, health and telecom and its baseline solution has been purchased by Swiss company Intertech Ventures which has integrated it into its platform Aitek engine: https//

As the security landscape for governments around the world becomes increasingly challenging, SquadBotik will be continue to provide easy-to-implement solutions meeting today’s threats and staying a step ahead of tomorrow’s.

More info: @licornegulf2021

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