Best-selling author Tyeshia Sturgis is winning the hearts of millions with 'Flirting with Darkness'

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Tyeshia Sturgis

Kentucky, United States Jun 24, 2022 ( - Only a few indie authors are capable of captivating all the readers around the globe and Tyeshia Sturgis is one of them. Better known as T.L Sturgis, this unwavering author is capable of offering a dynamic range of literary creations which are attractive, intriguing, and engaging as well. Currently, the author is revolving at the epitome of every reader's attention with the latest publication 'Flirting with Darkness: Rage and Bloodthirst Series'. Bridging the gap between fiction and non-fiction, this book offers a blended flavor of fantasy stories with metaphoric elements. This book is masterfully crafted and is currently available on Kindle Book Edition on Amazon. The book has also garnered a 5-star Seal from Reader's Favorite Awards.

This latest book is oriented on a subject matter of dark fantasy that consists of deep stirring emotions along with conflicts between good and evil. There are bloodthirsty impulses that smudge the differences between dreams and reality. The main character of the story struggles to keep up sanity while struggling with the dark urges of revenge and bloodthirst. Only fate can tell the truth and what it is going to be? Find out the consequences by purchasing the book at This book is just another example of T.L Sturgis's extraordinary penmanship. The author is prolific at writing a thriller, fantasy, and horror stories. Sometimes there is no in-between among the genres and readers can enjoy an amalgamated dynamic essence. Being one of the most talented indie authors in the industry, Sturgis is creating a new era of literary creations with no boundaries for creativity.

Being a leading name in the BIPOC authors' community, Sturgis never fails to impress the readers with her each publication. The stories she writes are filled with real-life references and relatable emotive moments that resonate among readers of all age groups. Enjoying a highly-progressive career for more than a decade, the author never took a day off in her creative flow and looking forward to publishing more books in the coming days. Being a role model to the emerging indie authors, T.L Sturgis also mentors them. She is one of the well-seasoned music artists from Kentucky who made significant progress within a short duration. Talking about her fellow indie authors she said, "As an indie author, I believe, all indie authors must support one another. I always encourage new authors and find it immensely fulfilling to mentor and guide them towards creating a successful career in penmanship."

Earlier, this veteran author has published novels namely, 'Chocolate Candy Always Melts in the Sun', 'Flower and Bee Stings', and 'The Devil's Daughter'. Each of these books is written from a relatable perspective that keeps the readers enthralled by the subject matter. The author has a unique writing style with poetic expressions which make each book a treat for the booklovers. The book 'Chocolate Candy Always Melts in the Sun' is written on the raw emotions of love, betrayal, heartbreak, depression, and overcoming that with mental wellness. On the other hand, 'Flower and Bee Stings' is an accumulation of overcoming pain and grief. 'The Devil's Daughter' churns out the flavors of dark fantasy through its indulgent storyline. It is safe to say that each book written by this author offers a different story and is full of emotions.

The latest book 'Flirting with Darkness' is no exception either since it offers a blend of mystery, horror, and the perspective of life along with conflict between the good and the bad. Talking about her craft, the author said, "I take to writing as a medium to escape reality and most importantly, to explore the creative world that eventually offers me an opportunity to carry my readers to momentous exhilaration." It is quite agreeable as it reflects through each of her creations. Currently, she is looking forward to her upcoming release 'The Curse of the Covenant' which is publishing soon this year. With her unwavering presence and precious literary contributions, the author has been invited to the esteemed The Connect show on the CW in June of this year. Follow T.L Sturgis on Facebook, Instagram, and her official website to know more.

Flirting with DarknessFlirting with Darkness

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