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Quantum 9, Inc. CEO Michael Mayes Featured on CBS Special

CEO of, Michael Mayes, was recently featured on a CBS special pertaining to impaired driving and cannabis use

Chicago, Illinois - April 13, 2018 /MarketersMedia/

Every day, 28 people across the U.S. die due to impaired driving. While alcohol has been the main cause of impaired drivers in the past, some are worried that with the influx and legalization of cannabis in many states, it is going to continue increasing this statistic.

To help shed light on this issue and help spread a better understanding of cannabis use and how it relates to impaired driving, Michael Mayes, CEO of Quantum 9, Inc. and well-known Cannabis Consultant, was recently featured in a CBS special on this topic.

“I am not only a medical marijuana patient and an international licensing consultant, I am also the CEO or a two-state presence dispensary in Maryland and Michigan,” stated Michael Mayes. “The interview was the perfect opportunity to shed light on the facts and how cannabis relates to impaired driving.”

From a legal standpoint, impaired driving means driving erratically or swerving. Currently, there’s no evidence or proof that certain Nanogram counts of THC results in impaired driving. As a result, those being pulled over and facing these charges may have a viable argument if their case goes to court.

During the interview, Mayes stated, “As a medical marijuana patient, I consume cannabis every day. It is a blend of edibles, vaporized products, and the raw flower form. I personally believe that I would be impaired with as little as 5 mg of THC over the first 2 hours of consumption. After two hours I would be fine to drive and have done so many times without feeling impaired or think I should not be driving.”

Mayes does not condone using medical cannabis and then driving until they are fully aware of what puts them in an impaired state. Also, if someone is pulled over and asked if they have consumed cannabis, they can decline to discuss their day, as well as field sobriety tests.

With over 48.4 million in medical sales tax in the state of Illinois alone in 2018, and the creation of more than one million new jobs, it is clear medical cannabis isn’t going anywhere soon.

Additional information about the recent special featuring Michael Mayes, as well as Cannabis Consulting information, can be found by visiting the Quantum 9, Inc. website.


Quantum 9, Inc. is a Chicago, IL based international cannabis and hemp consulting company. The areas of expertise include staff augmentation, permit acquisition, and employee training. The main objective of this company is to help connect patients with the needed resources all while aiding entrepreneurs, investors, potential patients and employees in the cannabis industry.

Contact Info:
Name: Michael Mayes
Organization: Quantum 9, Inc.
Address: 744 N. Clark St. Suite 804
Phone: 517-819-2692

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