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BAC Tactical Introduces Bite Resistant Arm Guards For Special Needs Classrooms

The new product is designed to protect teachers and education assistants from children who bite, reports

May 12, 2018 /MarketersMedia/

BAC Tactical is pleased to introduce a brand-new product in their highly sought-after line of protective equipment. The company has just launched their Bite Resistant Arm Guards for professionals who work in settings with special needs children. These arm guards are specifically designed to protect teachers, educational assistants and healthcare professionals from injury when interacting with children who bite, scratch, and pinch.

"Sustaining a bite wound during a difficult interaction with a special needs child can bring a host of unexpected consequences," said Bill Geraghty of BAC Tactical. "Broken skin invites the possibility of wound infection and cross-contamination that necessitates a hospital visit and time off of work. Such a frightening experience can also lead to mental and emotional trauma that may affect a person for years after the physical wound has healed. Our new Bite Resistant Arm Guards allow those in special needs educational settings to protect themselves from these possible injuries as they seek to calm and protect everyone involved."

For those in need of Special Needs Bite Protection, BAC Tactical's new arm guards prevent human teeth from penetrating the skin and causing physical and mental harm. While there are other brands on the market offering a similar product, this product is more affordable and high-quality than many other options. The new BAC Tactical arm guards are breathable, feel good against the skin, and do not have a cold touch. The material is made using Dyneema and Spectra (High-Performance Polyethylene - HPPE) and is certified to BS EN 388:2003 with the highest possible blade cut, puncture, tear, and abrasion resistance levels.

Geraghty went on to say, "Simply put, our team has invested their very best in this product because we are committed to the highest level of protection. Our new Bite Resistant Arm Guards will help educational professionals worry less about their personal safety so they can focus on helping their students thrive."

Log on to to learn more about BAC Tactical, get a glimpse of their brand-new Bite Resistant Arm Guards, and see how this new product is providing serious protection for teachers and healthcare professionals working in high-risk educational settings.

About BAC Tactical:

BAC Tactical's mission is simple - to provide high quality, affordable and effective protective equipment. BAC Tactical is veteran-owned and operated. In short, their team knows what works and what doesn't.

Contact Info:
Organization: BAC Tactical
Address: 200 Bridgewater Avenue, Whitby, ON L1R 1X3
Phone: 289-314-7900

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For more information, please visit

Source: MarketersMedia

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