Maximiliano Fiano Created a Software That Makes Accurate Predictions and Completes Transactions in a Blink of an Eye

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A well-known figure among traders as well as an experienced hedge fund manager, Maximiliano Fiano worked his way up by offering financial consulting services for clients across the globe.

Now, he works as a currency analyst and commodities trader while using his experience and insight as a consultant for his clients.

Maximiliano Fiano not only had a successful career, but he also works towards making his knowledge of the trading world available to everyone.

His plan to start scaling up his consultancy services by using a software took off 16 years ago when he decided to work on a software that is based on the same algorithms he uses when making trading decisions.

He named his program High-Frequency Trading Program (HFT), and its value is not only based on the complicated mechanisms it uses to calculate when the value of an asset will go up or down, but also how easy it is to use.

Maximiliano Fiano worked 16 years on the High-Frequency Trading Program to make it accessible to any trader, even the trader who’s just getting started and doesn’t have too much time to pour into trading.

The program makes decisions in the blink of an eye. Before it makes any decision, however, it takes into consideration a number of markets. This task would be quite time-consuming for a trader who decides to do the math on their own.

On top of this, the HFT program makes the decision at the right moment, and unlike manual trading, the software never gets tired of analyzing data or waiting for the right moment to make a transaction.

As a trader, Maximiliano Fiano knows the importance of speed. If you sell an asset too early or too late, you never maximize its value.

But Fiano knows from his experience as that most people cannot stay up until 4 a.m. while keeping an eye on where the market is heading. Despite this, the trading world is fickle and sometimes the best transactions present themselves when we are sleeping.

Since Maximiliano Fiano is aware that we cannot analyze the markets and make transactions non-stop, he recommends a program like HFT. It does all the heavy lifting for the trader.

Not only does it conduct research, but all the transactions are made without the user having to check the software or make any changes.

The HFT programs make decisions while working in the background. Traders can expect an average of anywhere between four and five percent in daily returns. Keep in mind that all this happens with no effort from the user whatsoever.

The creator of the High-Frequency Trading Program admits that while his program is not unique, it does have some unique features that help it stand out. For one, it performs all the transactions automatically with no intervention needed.

Also, using the software is quite easy. You don’t need any previous experience as a trader to get started.

Fiano’s program is sometimes criticized because it’s too easy for anyone to use and no effort is needed since a series of complex algorithms decide how transactions will go. While some people see it as an ethical problem, Fiano sees it as a way to help anyone get started with trading.

After witnessing the economic crisis in 2008, Fiano became even more determined to help traders avoid common pitfalls that might seriously damage their businesses.

Fiano’s goal was to create an easy-to-use software that delivers consistent daily returns.

Since then, his HFT program has helped many inexperienced traders with no effort on their end as well as no previous knowledge of trading.

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