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The global pandemic, as well as recent natural disasters like the devastating tornado in Nashville or Hurricane Irma, highlight the importance of being prepared before a disaster strikes. Emergency-Preparedness Kits will help you assemble a high-quality emergency survival kit for all kinds of scenarios. Their website links to thousands of must-have items like first aid kits, rucksacks and emergency tent shelters, as well as providing dozens of informative survival articles on their blog. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends that every American has an emergency to-go bag with enough supplies to last three days. Emergency-Preparedness Kits can give you some additional ideas of what to pack, especially if the effects of the disaster are long-term. Learn more at

LEXINGTON, KY — April 8, 2020 — Are you prepared for every potential disaster? Emergency-Preparedness Kits will help you assemble a high-quality emergency survival kit for all kinds of scenarios.

Their blog provides customers with informative survival tips from purifying water to digging out a wilderness shelter. Emergency-Preparedness Kits also links out to thousands of must-have items like first aid kits, rucksacks, food supplies and emergency tent shelters so you’re ready to roll when disaster strikes.

“If I asked most people a year ago whether they were stocked up with essential survival supplies, they’d look at me like I was crazy,” said William Johnson, founder of Emergency-Preparedness Kits. “But with what’s happening worldwide with COVID-19 and other natural disasters, it’s clear that more Americans than ever are considering how they prepare for the next disaster, including infectious disease events.”

What are emergency supplies exactly? According to Emergency-Preparedness Kits’ article “Bug Out Bag Essentials,” your pre-made kit should include items like a knife, hatchet, hand-cranked radio, gloves, compass, topographic maps and more. You can see the full list by reading the article online.

You aren’t paranoid if you want to be prepared for the next disaster. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends for every American to have an emergency to-go kit with enough food, water, medications and other necessities for at least three days. This includes developing an emergency communications plan and having access to your important documents.

“What we’ve all learned over the last three months of the global pandemic is that preparation is key,” said Johnson. “You don’t want to be in the middle of a crisis before you start collecting supplies and drawing up a plan. Emergency-Preparedness Kits wants to give you everything you need — both the knowledge and product recommendations — to be ready when disaster strikes.”

Learn more about prepping and start shopping for your emergency kit now at While at their website, check out their library of videos on disaster preparedness, including “Vehicle Emergency Kit,” “92 Degrees in a Campfire Heated Tent,” and “Top 10 Bug Out Bag Essentials 2020.”

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ABOUT EMERGENCY-PREPAREDNESS KITS: Emergency–Preparedness Kits has been helping individuals and families to prepare for all types of disasters including infectious viral disease events. We do this by providing high-quality survival supplies and equipment.

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