ExoGloss is Here to Protect Your Car’s Appearance Like Never Before

80% of auto dealers have less than 20% penetration rate on their paint & fabric program. There’s finally a solution.


June 12, 2020 – Appearance protection for automobiles (also known as paint & fabric) has always been treated as an afterthought by many dealers, with low product penetration rates of 20% considered acceptable.

This means that 80% of dealership customers walk away from warranty coverage that keeps their vehicle looking good—and which would have been an easy purchase decision if the consumer had been properly informed of a properly- priced product.

ExoGloss, the new F&I appearance protection program from TruWarranty, solves all the existing problems with the paint & fabric category:

1) ExoGloss is the first appearance program designed to be preloaded and included with every vehicle sold—and it’s as simple as pushing a button.

2) The competitive price of ExoGloss ensures that dealers who preload their appearance program will generate approximately twice as much F&I gross profit as before*—without affecting desking or loan acceptance.

3) Dealerships can choose whether to “go dry or stay wet” when it comes to applying paint & fabric chemistry—it’s the same non-cancelable consumer contract either way.

4) Dealers dislike the labor costs of applying appearance chemistry,

and ExoGloss gives them a choice on which chemistry to apply—if they choose to apply anything at all.

5) All dealers who preload ExoGloss get a complimentary lifetime supply of

EPA-registered anti-microbial chemistry—for all retail sales and for all service repair orders (RO).  That’s right, there’s no need to ever pay for chemistry to sanitize dealerships again.

TruWarranty CEO Garen McMillian, recognizing the recent challenges presented by global health concerns, says, “Rolling out a new dealer appearance protection program inside a dealership has always been a hands-on process, which is tough when traveling is limited for sales reps. ExoGloss makes it simple to upgrade your paint & fabric program remotely, since dealers can continue using the same appearance chemistry as what they’re used to—or they can choose to Go Dry.”

ExoGloss is immediately available nationwide and is compatible with all DMS

and menu providers. Visit w ww.exogloss.com to learn more or to sign up.

*Based on real-world assumptions. Contact ExoGloss for more details.

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