Innovative Irish Company Home Water Solutions Ltd Offer a Fresh, Eco-Friendly Approach to Water Purification

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Home Water Solutions Ltd are an up-and-coming company based in Ireland that provide a range of reliable, eco-conscious water filtration products for homeowners who want the best water possible for their home and family. They are introducing to the Irish market an innovative new way to soften and filter water without the use of salt or harmful chemicals.

Home Water Solutions are proud to provide a friendly, reliable and professional service when supplying and installing a range of water filtration products for all their clients; so, if you use one of their services or products, you can be confident that your water supply will be fully treated without fuss or delay. Their high-quality products and extensive expertise will guarantee you a safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for all your water purification needs.

Good for your wallet, your health and the planet

Home Water Solutions have made a commitment to ensure their products are as eco-friendly as possible, with no need for the use of salt or harsh chemicals when treating water. Instead, they restore and improve the taste and quality of your water by utilizing superior water treatment systems that remove all contaminants, producing quality drinking water fit for the whole family. Their UV sterilisers are able to destroy 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses without needing any potentially dangerous chemical disinfectants, making it an incredibly safe and eco-friendly option.

By purchasing products from Home Water Solutions, you can actually save yourself money in the long run. How, you may ask? Well, limescale is a chalky deposit that is especially likely to develop if you live in a hard water area, and recent research has found that it can reduce your heating efficiency by building up in pipes, costing you tons of money each year. However, Home Water Solutions stock an innovative Dropson Limescale Preventer that removes existing limescale and actively works to prevent the build-up of limescale in future by softening the water in your home supply without using salt, saving you money on your overall heating bills. Plus, since limescale can build up inside pricey household items like radiators, dishwashers and washing machines and damage them, the Dropson unit can also save you money by saving your appliances from limescale damage so you don’t need to replace them as often. This means more money in your wallet and fewer appliances in the landfill!

Convenient, low maintenance products

As well as having the benefits listed above, Home Water Solution’s products are also very convenient and low maintenance. The bulbs in their UV Steriliser only need to be replaced once a year, and the carbon and sediment filter will also need replacing on an annual basis. The Dropson Limescale Preventer, once purchased and installed, does not need continued maintenance or additional costs. Home Water Solutions are very proud of the fact that their products and services can save you valuable time and money, and all their products come with a guarantee to give you peace of mind when purchasing. They are quick and easy to install, and because they are so low maintenance you can simply forget about them for most of the year while reaping the benefits.

More information

Home Water Solutions provides eco-friendly and chemical-free water treatment solutions for homeowners. You can find out more about the company and browse their list of products on their website at If you have any inquiries, please check out their FAQ section on their website; if your answer can’t be found there, you can get in touch with the team directly by emailing them at or by calling them on 0873808053.


About Home Water Solutions Ltd

Home Water Solutions provides a range of water filtration products that solve the issues homeowners have with their water supply. We promise to offer a friendly and professional service to our clients that give them full confidence that their home water supply is running smooth and free from all known bacteria.

Contact Home Water Solutions Ltd

8 Grattan Street
Laois R32 VH2X

0 87 380 8053


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