AquaPure – The Future Of Clean Eating

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AquaPure is a kitchen must-have for 2022.

The AquaPure is a result of decades of research and development. The inventors behind the AquaPure have paired conventional technologies with a cutting-edge design to develop a device that is not only affordable but also user-friendly for the common household.

The AquaPure is an incredible kitchen gadget that can help keep all produce clean, contaminant-free, and safe. By purifying produce for only 10 minutes with the AquaPure, one can remove the majority of all pesticides on fruits and vegetables. The AquaPure turns water and salt into electrolyzed water which removes up to 99.9% of the bacteria and pesticides that still reside on the produce one buys at the local grocery store.

What is electrolyzed water, and how is it revolutionizing the world?

When E.O. water was demonstrated back in 1976, it was found that chlorine water produced by the electrolysis of brine significantly reduced the bacteria in on beef.

Electrolyzed water has therefore been the subject of massive research because of its effective bacteria-preventing results, with minimal residual impact on products.

Many researchers have studied this technology since 1980, with it gaining increasing acceptance as an alternative and effective sanitizer.

Electrolyzed water is not harmful to the skin, it leaves a remarkably low environmental impact and is more cost-efficient than any chemical used in the past.

How the AquaPure affects fruits and vegetables:

Using electrolysis to purify produce has proven to be very effective.E.O. water, when applied to food, has shown no adverse effects on humans or the environment. It has been proven to remove contaminations from fruits and vegetables without leaving any odor or reducing their nutritional quality.It is not corrosive to the skin or mucous membranes, as it is produced at a low active concentration, and at a pH close to neutral. E.O. water also becomes deactivated when it reacts with organic matter and can be diluted with tap water.

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