String of NYC Burglaries Evidences the Need for Security Personnel, says Spear Security

DENVER, April 1, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- A March 8th article from the New York Post reported a string of burglaries that have targeted business across Brooklyn and Queens since last August. Denver based security firm Spear Security Inc. says that these burglaries are an example of the kind of incidents that may well have been avoided with the help of human security personnel.

The firm notes that, while it's impossible to be sure based on a news story, the theft of thousands of dollars at each site in the two New York boroughs may have been a great deal less likely if a basic patrol outfit or stationary guard personnel had been present. Moreover, most of these businesses seemed to be targeted because of their lack of human security. While many of the locations had simple surveillance cameras on site, the burglars were able to out-maneuver the equipment. The presence of live security personnel would have been impossible to ignore and so difficult to evade that few criminals would even dare to attempt any kind of theft, said the security firm.

Human security, however, also requires preparation. One of the most important services it offers, says Spear Security, is a professional security plan. This professional assessment utilizes the years of experience and know-how of its specialists to create a plan that protects property and assets seamlessly, without impeding the flow of daily business. The security agency adds that it has the manpower and the technology to provide security support for a range of situations from events or ongoing protection of large corporate properties such as hospitals and educational facilities, as well as small businesses and high profile individuals who require a security escort.

Spear Security emphasizes that their surveillance technology and security equipment is more than effective in the hands of its highly trained security guards. The firm mandates rigorous training for its personnel. The personnel the firm employs emphasize de-escalation tactics to minimize disruptions during events or business activities. It adds that, in many cases, bystanders often fail to even notice that anything suspect has even occurred. However, the agency's training also teaches personnel methods of tactical responses so that its team is able to subdue more aggressive threats when the situation calls for it. The end result of this training is that Spear Security's force is noticeable when it's helpful, but barely detectable otherwise.

Readers who wish to learn more about the Spear Security Inc. or would like to request a proposal are encouraged to visit the firm's website or call the office at (303) 658-9951.


SOURCE Spear Security Inc.

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