Rocca Sock Offers Compression Socks For Maintaining Leg Health For Medical Professionals

As we continue to endure the global health crisis, healthcare workers need our support more than ever. Healthcare workers are on their feet many hours a day and can greatly benefit from wearing compression socks to alleviate leg and feet discomfort. Rocca Sock provided 1,500 healthcare workers with a free pair of compression socks as a thank you for their dedication and hard work.


Amarillo, TX, April 21, 2020 – Rocca Sock wished to support the medical community and initiated a give-a-way of 1,000 pairs of compression socks this month as an appreciation of healthcare workers working the front line of this pandemic. It became such an overwhelming success that the company wound up providing 1,500 healthcare workers with a free pair of compression socks.

Since medical professionals are on their feet many hours a day and are either standing or moving around, they often experience strain on their lower body. Compression socks are an effective way of minimizing this discomfort

Compression socks help by improving increased blood circulation to the lower legs and feet. As RiteAid Pharmacy states, “Good circulation is one of the most important parts of your health.” In effect, it is imperative that medical professionals look after themselves while they care for others.

Compression socks efficiently help by decreasing discomfort in the legs and feet and prevent swelling in the lower extremities. This type of sock is highly regarded amongst athletes, runners, and gym-goers alike. Healthcare professionals can greatly benefit from wearing compression socks during work-related activities as well as after work for related soreness.

During the current global health crisis, no group could benefit more from compression socks than healthcare workers. Rocca Sock has created the best compression socks and produce the only socks on the market that have been lab-tested to prove they deliver proper compression levels. They offer knee-high, crew, and ankle compression socks to provide benefits to almost anyone.

Healthcare workers scarcely get a break to rest, and now is the perfect time for a pair of quality compression socks. Rocca Sock has compression socks for men and compression socks for women.

Rocca Sock Compression Company was started by Tina Wilson, a Registered Nurse and travel enthusiast. On a professional level, she felt that young adults as much as almost any other age group would benefit from wearing compression socks, not just because of leg health issues, but to prevent such from occurring at a later date.

She started her journey researching compression socks for her own needs and after years of looking through evidence, she discovered a need for a real graduated compression sock that was not only runners, nurses, and travelers, but for individuals of all walks of life. Later, she coordinated with a talented design team to create a line of premium high-performance compression socks with a true 15-25 mmHg graduated compression engineered to maximize the benefits for whether you are wearing running shoes, boots or dress shoes. And so, Rocca Sock was born!

As affirms, “Wearing compression socks is not only a fun way to accessorize your professional closet but can be an easy method of prevention and mitigation for sometimes serious chronic conditions associated with long hours standing and walking.”

Rocca Sock wanted to offer a huge thank you to all healthcare workers by letting them know how much their dedication and hard work is appreciated in this difficult time.

About Rocca Sock: Rocca Sock is a compression sock company based out of Amarillo, Texas, USA. Rocca Sock compression socks are manufactured using an advanced knitting technology that hugs the contours of your legs. They are constructed in a premium lightweight, form-fitting, breathable performance fabric with a true gradient compression technology of 15-25 mmHg.

The socks are designed for everyday wear and only from high-grade materials that are used in the manufacturing process. The quality of the materials used set them distinctly apart in the marketplace.

They are confident in the quality of the products and are proud of their extensive quality control process starting at the production level. Before leaving the factory, the socks are lab tested and certified to ensure that the correct mmHg (millimeters per mercury) is detected in the right area of the socks.

Contact Info:

Tina Wilson
Rocca Sock
Corporate Office: 600 S. Tyler Suite, suite 2100
Phone: 806-412-0220

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