Not just another stablecoin, the company is about to release a P2P marketplace for worldwide trading, allowing people to enter with their local fiat currency

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 20, 2021 / -- Psyche is set to revolutionize the cryptocurrency industry by introducing the fusion of cryptocurrency and user-friendly technology in order to connect people to cryptocurrency in an easy way. Named after a valuable Asteroid, Psyche Coin is a stable currency with a face value of $1 per coin with a focus on accurate exchange prices and free transactions in the remittance market. Based on a specially designed RefleX Algorithm, Psyche Coin offers the easiest way for the nontechnical people to connect with the cryptocurrency benefits.

Cryptocurrency stablecoin Psyche, based on Ethereum and RefleX network and founded by Hammad Khan in 2020, will be releasing on June 20th 2021, a peer-to-peer worldwide marketplace. This marketplace will enable people from all over the world to trade Psyche through a user friendly interface and an easy entry point, using their own local currencies along the exchange rate and payment method of their choosing. The main aim is offering people a simple and safe way to easily buy and sell digital currency.

LocalPsyche -how Psyche’s p2p marketplace for coin trade is called- will be another enormous milestone that the team hits within their first month. This will consolidate a great achievement, though it only is another step into their plan towards success. The team’s top goal is making Psyche Coin accessible all over the globe, no matter where users are based or their local fiat currency complexities.

Another advantage is that acquiring -or selling as well- psyche with your local currency, through LocalPsyche, will carry no charges or fees at all. It will also be 100% secure, since it’s considered to be one of the safest stablecoins out there.

The fundamental cornerstone for propelling Psyche as the best stablecoin, was realizing that digital currency is not-so-simple. People must have a considerable technological understanding to create wallets, topping up accounts, and transacting. This leaves out thousands, if not millions of people from participating in this new era.

Why using LocalPsyche?
The key focus for Psyche is to manage an easy network for payments and remittance transfers. It has used an efficient and effective technology that makes crypto-transaction simple as sending an email. Moving towards the LocalPsyche platform also will make things easier for those who are willing to:

- Buy and sell the stablecoin in your currency.
- Make a profit with the trading.
- Reduce the risk of loss in stablecoin with price fluctuation.
- Build a career in cryptocurrency due to its easily manageable features

Having a face value of always 1 USD per coin, with no transaction fees, a super-simple wallet ID creation and secure signed transactions, lets Psyche accomplish what many others couldn’t. For example: allowing a regular simple grandfather to send 100 USD to his grandkid, from his cellphone, with a few simple taps. No intricate techy details needed, no not-so-safe processes and above all: easy and effective.

“Even for those crypto-sabby, asset prices fluctuate so much that the loss of value for making a payment for example, is always lurking around the corner. Psyche solved exactly that.” Hammad Khan

As the DeFi world expands by the hour, it is also important to highlight that Psyche’s staking (~4% monthly APY) serves as a giant boost to their ecosystem and how it works towards mass inclusion. It is one of the best stablecoins staking systems currently available.

“When LocalPsyche, our coin exchange platform, is finally open to the public, Psyche will have reached its next level. Most important: people all over the world will be able to handle their money digitally without being subject to small print or confusing trickery. Between the P2P market, staking and stable value, we bring to the table something extremely appealing for all niches.” stated Hammad Khan, CEO of Psyche.

About Psyche: Psyche is a algorithm based stablecoin and p2p marketplace for coin trade founded in 2020 by Hammad Khan. Their mission is to provide a worldwide innovative solution and platform for people to easily buy and sell digital currency. Psyche is fast like blockchain, trustworthy like traditional payment systems and extremely user friendly.

Social Handle: @psycheusd
+1 305-515-5514

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