Interview: Manifest The Ultimate Life with Amena Kay Thornton

Is manifestation real? Have you ever wondered why some people are succeeding at life and you seem to be staying the same year after year? What have you gotten wrong? 

Amena developed a system for you to manifest your ultimate life, and coaches you through her programs and services to get fast results. You will be able to test out her simple formula and see for yourself in the manifestation secrets she shares with us and the story behind what got her into manifestation.

I am excited to know how this manifestation thing works. I do believe in manifestation but I can’t seem to control it. I ask for things to happen and they seem to, but other times I ask daily and nothing happens. Can you explain why this is? and what got you involved in manifestation?

It is a very simple process once you learn to stop overthinking. You have to let your heart lead and not fall into past experiences and listen to those thoughts that like to tell you the future.

Just think about this, the thoughts in your mind are not your own. They are separate from you. You can talk back to them, you discuss with them, you can let them influence your decisions, but once you realize this, you can clear them from your mind and choose what to do through your heart.

I got into manifestation practices when I realized that I was truly in control. I was separated from my than husband for a 2nd year and I noticed that each time I talked negative, became afraid of thinking of what was going wrong, or that I lacked something, in the moment I had more challenges.

I was reading a lot of Napoleon Hill Books then and came across his last book called Outwitting the Devil, where he is having a conversation with the devil and the devil is telling him that he controls people with fear. Then it goes into what to do to rid of the devil. Think hope, joy, gratefulness, and positive thoughts.

Looking back at my past each time I manifested something I wanted: like a new experience, a property I have been looking at, a new pet, and I was clear on the details and exactly what I wanted. I realized I was doing something to make it happen. I was asking. Some people call it praying, others call it wishing.

“Manifestation is when energy equals belief.” Amena Kay Thornton

Thank you for explaining that and telling your story about how you started to learn about manifestation. Can you tell me what is the process to make this happen? How can I know if I am manifesting right?

You are manifesting each second. Each thought leads to a habit, to a ritual of events, then to an outcome. Here is a Simple Exercise I put together to get Fast Manifestation Results called QUICK

Q. Quit thinking: remember you don’t need to listen to thoughts.

U. Use your heart: what does your dream life look like?

I. Intuition is key: with intuition you know when to do something.

C. Change habits and influences: To get into the right vibe and on that new path you need to change.

K: Keep belief alive: Sometimes you think you have received what you asked for and it was not who, what, or when you expected it.

Remember there is no timeline for manifestation. You just got to be ready at all times to take quick action when the opportunity arises. Keep believing in your dreams, be grateful they are coming and be careful what you wish for.

You teach over 100,000+ people online now, how can others sign up for your program and get your books to live their ultimate life?

The best way is to go to my Facebook or Instagram and click the link in my bio there, that way you are getting the most current information on coaching services, programs and events. You can even direct email my company at that way we can connect without using social media.

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