The Female Founded Start-up that is Shaping Education in the Metaverse

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / March 21, 2022 / UK Ed-Tech start-up, Sophia Technologies Ltd., is inspiring a better, more equitable vision for the future of education through online education and immersive virtual learning.

A female-founded education technology start-up has announced its arrival in the Metaverse. Sophia Technologies offers a best-in-class affordable online British education program for students from across the globe and has now set its sights on shaping education inside the Metaverse.

London based Sophia Technologies, founded in 2018 by CEO Melissa McBride, is reimagining education in the digital age through its leading British Online School, Sophia High School, and its pioneering Athena Labs Immersive Virtual Reality learning program for children. The company has students in over 24+ countries joining its leading online education program since its launching in September 2020, and its arrival into the Metaverse is the next step of its reimagining education mandate.

Through a partnership with subsidiary, ​​Metaverse Group, they are one of the first British Education providers to enter the Metaverse, in the Ethereum blockchain-based Somnium Space, and is pioneering a vision for a better, more equitable era of education.

Melissa McBride, the Sophia CEO, said the challenge for education is to move from an analogue model to a future of education fit for learning and life in the digital age. But Sophia doesn't just want to be considered as another online school. They believe there is no greater opportunity than to be leaders of the community that is reimagining education in the digital age and embracing the full potential of Web3.

Melissa is part of a growing set of female leaders in Web3 who are already rising to the top as they shape the emerging futuristic internet platforms of the Metaverse. According to a recent estimate, in the crypto landscape, only 5% of companies are being led by women. But in this next version of the online world, it is becoming clear that there is an opportunity for an inclusive, diverse and accessible community, open to whoever is willing to develop in it.

McBride, who previously founded several outstanding Independent Schools and worked for global player Cognita Schools, said the metaverse could be the best thing for education.

"The immersive environments of the metaverse opens the door to hands-on real-life activities not possible in the classroom. We have seen that virtual reality experiences engage students in ways that simply have not been possible before. The impact of this learning is felt both inside the VR setting and in the real world. Children learn without them realising it, which is the holy grail of education," she said.

According to Bloomberg, the metaverse is on its way to becoming an $800 billion market by 2024. It's this growth potential and the certainty that students will need to have the skills for life and work in a cyber focused world, which make shaping education inside of the metaverse a compelling proposition.

Everybody in the education world knows that this will eventually happen, but someone has to be the one to get it off the ground. Sophia is happy to be a catalyst but recognises the need for a community to build a world for education in Web3. What this community needs are educators, creators, developers, investors, entrepreneurs, corporations, parents and students to come together. The future is now and this is just the beginning. Sophia believes Metaverse Education raises the potential for an accessible, decentralised, and more equitable vision of education to be achieved. Virtual reality learning has the potential to address the two greatest challenges perhaps facing education; income and geography.

Whilst income is partly addressed through a digital approach (reducing the need for physical school buildings and dramatically driving down the cost of educating students), the most impressive improvement comes from making geography irrelevant.

In a school deployed through online education and virtual reality, students, regardless of their physical location, may find the learning environment and curriculum that best suits their needs and have access to a quality of education not previously available to them. This is the power of a future of education driven by online education. The difference between Sophia's approach and wider technology and business-driven solutions is that Sophia puts the needs and interests of students first.

McBride and her team drive their core philosophy of developing global citizens within their online learning community. Like other organisations looking for ways to support the developing situation in Ukraine, the company has even committed to offering remaining places in the school, for free, to Ukrainian children in their network who have been displaced by the war. ‘We saw it with school closures during covid, and we are sadly experiencing it now with the crisis in Ukraine.' When situations arise that mean children can no longer go to school, online education has the power to bring the school to them, wherever they are in the world.

"It's the right thing to do," says McBride. Global citizenship is a very important part of our purpose and direction. "We believe that online education and virtual reality will play a key role in the development of humankind, and this small gesture is a simple yet powerful way of showcasing the potential digital education holds for the world."

This is education reimagined.

Based in the UK, Sophia is a female-founded fast-growing Ed-Tech Company. With over 60 years of educational leadership experience, Sophia reimagines education for the digital age. It is a leading UK provider of British online education, immersive learning, and VR learning for children of four to 14.

More than just an EdTech company, Sophia is led by a team who share over 60+ years of educational leadership experience in some of the best British schools in the UK and international schools overseas. This deep-rooted expertise in the sector drives their team to innovate through the use of technology in the online educational setting to create a high-quality model of digital learning which is personalised and engaging for students.

Sophia is one of only a handful of online school providers working with both the UK Department for Education towards their soon to launch Online Education Provider Accreditation Scheme and is already a Member School with the globally recognized Council of International Schools.

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