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  Date of Report (Date of earliest event reported): May 10, 2006 (May 5, 2006)

                          BROOKMOUNT EXPLORATIONS INC.
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Effective  April 26,  2006,  David Jacob Dadon was removed as a director  and as
Chairman of the Board of Brookmount  Explorations (the "Company") for cause. Mr.
Dadon withdrew  $150,000 from the Company's  bank account.  Mr. Dadon was not an
authorized  signatory on the Company's bank account and had not been granted any
such authority to withdraw the funds by the Company's  Board of Directors.  Upon
completion of an  investigation,  the Company  determined that Mr. Dadon had not
used the funds for corporate purposes.  The Company had worked for several weeks
to have Mr. Dadon return the money to the Company on a voluntary basis. To date,
the money has not been returned.

Effective  May 5, 2006,  Mr.  Dadon  responded  to his removal as a director for
cause, with the correspondence set forth in Exhibit 17.1.

This is management's reply to Mr. Dadon's letter:

The  Company  has  endeavored  to work  with Mr.  Dadon  for  several  months to
determine  why the money was removed  from its account and to see that the money
is replaced.  The assertions and accusations contained in Mr. Dadon's letter are
outrageous  and as such are  impossible  to respond to. The Company  steadfastly
stands by its assertions and the actions that it has taken.



         (c) Exhibits

                  17.1 Letter on Departure of Director.



         Pursuant to the  requirements  of the Securities  Exchange Act of 1934,
the  registrant  has duly  caused  this report to be signed on its behalf by the

Dated:  May 10, 2006                             BROOKMOUNT EXPLORATIONS INC.

                                                 By:      /s/ Peter Flueck


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        Exhibit No.          Exhibit

           17.1              Letter from David Jacob Dadon, May 6, 2006.


                                                                  Exhibit 17.1

                                   DAVID DADON
                   23760 Oakfield Road, Hidden Hills, CA 91302
                        Tel:818-884-2555 FAX:818-884-3443

May 5, 2006                                                via fax:604-632-3717
                                                           via email:

Brookmount Explorations Inc.
Mr. Peter Flueck, President, Director
Mr. Zaf Sungur, Director
600-666 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC Canada V6C 2X8

Ref: Brookmount

Dear Gentlemen,

1.               On May 3, 2006 you filed form 8-K,  accusing me of  withdrawing
         $150,000 from the company's  bank account.  This is a false  statement.
         There was an agreement to transfer the money to another account, to pay
         Edena  Soper  at  Research  Capital.  Edena  was with me in the bank on
         January 9, 2006 when she received those drafts.

2.               On December 20, 2005  Brookmount  opened an account with Scotia
         Bank,  my  understanding  was that I was the  secretary,  director  and
         chairman of Brookmount. I left Zaf Sungur there with the branch manager
         Lucille Dubbin to set up this account, as I was busy with the teller to
         receive  the  remaining  cash,  which  the bank had  ordered  for me to
         complete the $60,000 to give to Zaf Sungur.

3.              You both refused to give the bank statements to Dale Matheson
         Carr-Hilton La Bonte, certified accountants. Also, to Gordon S. Thomas,
         LLB., C.A. CFO.

4.               On February 28, 2006 you filed form 10KSB, it was not accurate.
         I was the  director,  secretary  and  chairman of  Brookmount.  I never
         verified the 10KSB because it was never shown to me. Peter Flueck did a
         new  amendment to the 10KSB,  which was not  accurate.  The  securities
         exchange  is  investigating  this  presently.  The  $150,000  was never
         reported to the securities exchange.

5.               With regards to the $150,000  the  corporate  lawyer  drafted a
         contract  for  150,000  shares of  another  company,  which Zaf  Sungur
         signed. He had instructed the lawyer to draw up this contract.

6.               You announced a press release on December 16, 2005 stating that
         Jay Shapiro was the new chief financial officer. This was not accurate,
         as he had never discussed with you a position in Brookmount, in fact he
         has never met either of you.

7.               A press release on January 3, 2006 states Brookmount makes an
         offer to acquire a position in Acrex Ventures Ltd., this was not

8.               A press release stating that Brookmount signed a private
         replacement for $400,000 at 0.93 per share was not accurate.

9.               You both sold a few million  free trading  shares.  On December
         20, 2005 Zaf Sungur  received  from me $60,000 - Canadian,  it took one
         week for the bank to get the funds for me and then it was split between
         you both. The bank teller and cameras can prove this.

10.            The few million free trading shares were sold to my shareholders.
         It is very easy to prove this.

11.             All  the  press  releases  done by Brookmount are inaccurate.  I
         believe Zaf was the puppet in the company.

12.             I  believe  you think  that the  company  was a private  company
         instead  of a public  company.  You  issued  stock to  promoters;  free
         trading and I believe this is a violation of the securities exchange.

13.              On April  21,  2006 I wrote  you both a letter  about  you both
         cooking the books and the  corporate  lawyers have it on file. On April
         19,  2006 I wrote a letter to West Coast  Stock  Transfer  to give them
         notice of the companies  activities.  On April 27, 2006 my lawyer Brian
         Glicker  wrote you a letter  stating  that the  amendment  of corporate
         officers has not yet been filed and that you had a mere  oversight  and
         that such an amendment  naming  David Dadon as secretary of  Brookmount
         will be filed immediately. You have failed to do so.

14.             Obviously it has become very clear to me that all the activities
         that have been done by both of you are of a suspicious  nature.  I have
         written you both letters and you have turned around and made inaccurate
         accusations.  I was the only one who raised money for the company, from
         December  2005 until now.  Peter Flueck had never been in the office to
         work.  He has no other office.  The company  shares a room in an office
         building. This I believe is misleading to the shareholders. I will take
         a  class  action  suit  with  the  shareholders  against  the  lawyers,
         officers,  accountants  and all people  involved with this  company.  A
         complaint will be filed with the securities  exchange  commissioner and
         also about the diluting of the company.

15.             Zaf Sugur had no authorization to open any bank account, or sign
         any  authorization to issue shares. I am the secretary and director and
         chairman  from  December  2005,  at least  until May 3, 2006 - you have
         violated the By Laws of the company.  I hope that Scotia Bank will take
         legal action against both of you because you are  responsible for this,
         and Canadian.

16.             If I had unlawfully  removed $150,000 then why was I issued from
         Brookmount One million  shares on April 7, 2006.  Form 8-K was filed on
         April 7, 2006. Obviously I was very professional and doing my job.

     Yours truly,

     /s/ David Dadon
     David Dadon

     cc Brian  Glicker,  attorney
     cc Carl Jonsson,  attorney
     cc Gregory S Yanke, corp  attorney
     cc David E  Danovitch,  corp  attorney
     cc Gordon S Thomas, accountant
     cc Dale Matheson Carr Hilton LaBonte, accountants