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On  February  7,  2006,  Brookmount  Explorations,  Inc.  ("we,"  "us,"  or  the
"Company") announced that we had announced that we had signed a letter of intent
to  acquire  100% of 722161 BC Ltd.  which owns a 56%  interest  in 45 claims (a
total of 145 units) covering an area of approximately 3160 hectares known as the
Rock Creek  Property  situated  10 kms  southeast  of Rock  Creek,  B.C.  in the
Greenwood Mining Division (the  "Property").  We closed this transaction on June
2, 2006.

The assets that comprise the Property The southern property boundary corresponds
to the Canada - US border  and is  centered  about 10 kms NW of the Crown  Jewel
open pit gold skarn deposit in Washington with a resource  estimate in excess of
1.4 million ounces of gold that has cleared final hurdles and is scheduled to go
into  production  this year.  Recent work that has been carried out on a portion
(Ket 28  occurrence)  of the Rock Creek  Property,  an  assortment  of  mapping,
assessment reports, silt and soil geochemistry,  air and ground geophysics, with
several  programs of shallow  drilling has yielded  significant  and outstanding
values.  These values range from 1.9 g/t to 52.22 g/t of Gold.  An  aeromagnetic
survey of the area  conducted  by  Crownex  Resources  Corp.  in 1989  indicates
geological and geophysical characteristics similar to the Crown Jewel Deposit. A
large and strong aeromagnetic anomaly characterizes both the Crown Jewel and the
Rock  Creek  ground  and  suggests  that the two are  caused by the same kind of
geological  features.  There are  indications  on the Rock Creek  Property  of a
potential of volcanogenic massive magnetite-sulfide environment that may be very
significant.  The  management of  Brookmount  feels that this  acquisition  is a
significant  move for the company in its desire to diversify  its holdings  with
solid projects and add to shareholder value.

The  transaction  as closed  provides  us with an option to acquire  100% of the
interests of the seller,  Karl  Schindler,  of  Vancouver,  British  Columbia in
Canada.  In order to satisfy the terms of the option  agreement,  we must, among
other things:

1.       Issue 100,000 shares at the signing of the definitive documentation;

2.       Pay Mr. Schindler $250,000 by making the following payments on or
         before the following specified dates:

         (a)      August 15, 2006   - $10,000

         (b)      September 15, 2006 - $12,500

         (c)      November 15, 2006 - $12,500

         (d)      $12,500 on or before  January 15,  2007,  and  installment
              payments  of $12,500  quarterly  thereafter  on or before the 15th
              days of April,  July,  October  and January of each year until the
              total of $250,000 has been paid or satisfied;

         We may satisfy our cash payment  obligations  by issuing stock a deemed
         price  which  shall be equal to the  average  price at which our common
         shares have traded on the OTC BB on the five days prior to the due date
         of the payment.

3.       We must issue to Mr.  Schindler  500,000 of our common shares in four
         equal tranches of 125,000 each on or before the 15th day of October in
         each of 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

4.       In addition,  we are required to spend an aggregate of $1,000,000 in
         developing  and mining the Property between closing and April 15, 2011.

In the event we terminate the  relationship  or default on our  obligations,  we
will have no further  undertaking but will be required to remove our claims from
the Property within six months of the termination.




         (c) Exhibits



         Pursuant to the  requirements  of the Securities  Exchange Act of 1934,
the  registrant  has duly  caused  this report to be signed on its behalf by the

Dated:  June 7, 2006                                BROOKMOUNT EXPLORATIONS INC.

                                                     By:      /s/ Zaf Sungur