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The master of Fintech, Marcus Lim has been appointed as the Chief Marketing Officer of Getty Group.

Recently, Marcus who is well-known in the financial industry has officially joined Getty Group as the Chief Marketing Director.

Getty Group was established in 2014 at the island country of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It has then embarked a subversive reformation in the financial industry. Since its establishment, Getty has integrated technology into the financial industry and successfully developed the oil price monitoring system ExypnOS 1.0 in 2015. The group also won the Excellent Brand of Worldwide Excellence Award 2018/19 for successfully developing the system. They have attributed their achievement to the excellent talents and teamwork.

Recruiting talents to build a high-quality financial technology platform

Getty Group, which focuses on talents, is committed to creating an excellent mechanism and a high-standard platform to attract outstanding talents. After deciding to enter the Asian market, Getty has been searching extensively but has not been able to find a talent who can take on the important role of the Asian regional director. It was not until the appearance of Marcus.

Marcus’s portfolio is very interesting. He was graduated from the Department of Marketing and Finance at the University of Melbourne, Australia, and has unique insights over the global markets and finance. In addition to the financial market, Marcus also has a strong interest in marketing, hence after graduation, he joined the insurance and real estate agency industries with organizational marketing as the development direction.

Although Marcus has a lot of experiences in leading the team and operations, as the era is evolving rapidly, the 90s and 00s have entered the trail. Marcus has gradually realized that the market has changed, the method that he has been using will soon reach the bottleneck. He then decided to go overseas to explore and get more inspiration from different field and industry.  Coincidentally, Marcus was hired as a senior financial consultant for an international financial technology company, specifically responsible for business in the Asia-Pacific region, especially the Chinese market.

During the years in the Chinese market, Marcus broadened his horizons and witnessed the progress and popularization of China’s financial technology, as well as the bottlenecks and difficulties in the development of traditional finance. The experience of the past few years has made him more certain that the future will be an era dominated by financial technology, and the sharing model will be able to drive the development of financial technology towards globalization. Therefore, he resolutely set off the traditional financial technology company with high pays and turned to the digital finance industry, financial technology and blockchain fields, and participated in marketing efforts to drive the transformation of traditional finance into digital finance.

Artificial intelligence and data analysis create precise investment strategies

In terms of investment philosophy, Marcus is a value investor. “I hope to practice the long-term investment philosophy, based on in-depth fundamental research, and strive to select high-quality investment projects that can create long-term value through the comparison of the industrial characteristics of various economies. I believe that through the assistance of data analysis and artificial intelligence, the investment can become easier and able to earn a return on investment on a regular basis.”

“I mainly resist potential market risks by adjusting the combination of industries and style structures; of course, with the support of our company’s artificial intelligence system, our investment judgments will become more precise and accurate, and this is why I joined Getty Group because I believe in the future of financial technology and the bottomless development possibilities in it,” Marcus said.

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