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HOLD on owning TBC(Transaction Balance Coin),It’s going to be the next BTC

In 2020, digital cryptocurrency has a new myth!

Recently, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) reached a peak of $18,476 after an impressive 35% bull market began in early September. Many people regard Bitcoin as one of the assets they must invest in, because its value is limitless.

When we talk about asset valuation, the first step is always to understand the fundamental economics. Equities, bonds and real estate, for example, generally derive value from generating cash flows. Therefore, valuation of these assets involves projecting future cash flows. Commodities, on the other hand, are more utility-based, so their prices are anchored by industrial supply and demand.

History of money shows us that natural forms of money generally go through three phases of evolution — first as collectible (speculation on scarcity), second as investment (store of value), third as money (unit of account) and payment (medium of exchange).

The emergence of TBC is a brand-new revolution. Through the cutting-edge blockchain technology, we have seen a new digital world. TBC has been deploying a blockchain-encrypted digital economy since 2016. In order to meet the faster and safer development of global commercial trade, it has built a completely decentralized transaction settlement platform.

TBC(Transaction Balance Coin): a multi-signature technique is used to establish trading channels to achieve extremely fast transactions comparable to lightning networks.At the core of the BTC is to realize extreme speed trading through multiple signature technology, whose security is higher than zero confirmation, and its simplicity and landing property are better than lightning network.

TBC birth and development will rewrite the current international trade rules, break down the barriers to international trade funds, and truly realize the decentralization of transactions. TBC will become one of the internationally recognized mainstream digital currencies.

TBC has already received US$53 million in venture capital from many international venture capital institutions, and it is expected that the return will reach 1,000%. According to official news, well-known exchanges will be launched in 2021 to help TBC ecosystem land more value applications.

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