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Individuals and businesses alike need to ensure their intellectual property is protected. This has become harder due to an increase in digital works, but it can be done, announces

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"Every business and individual who creates or invents something needs to ensure that their work is protected. This is for enforcement purposes as unanticipated infringing activities could be discovered. Registering intellectual property is also necessary as a defensive measure because a lawsuit may be filed against the registrant at any time by another party. Lee Greenwood, for example, is attempting to register the name of his song "God Bless the USA" and is meeting resistance in doing so. Allstate and Kia remain locked in a battle over the phrase "Drivewise," and California farmers fought to retain their rights to their trademark for "Grange." This demonstrates that no person or group is too big or too small to be involved in a dispute related to a patent, trademark or copyright. We work with clients to ensure their intellectual property rights are secured in the early stages of business," John H. Choi, founder of John H. Choi and Associates LLC, explains.

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, 605,571 patent applications were filed in the United States in 2016, while 303,049 patents were granted. These figures do not take into account patents in force. With so many patent applications being submitted and patents being issued, it is now essential for businesses with inventions to ensure their inventions are protected, and a Patent Attorney can be of great assistance with this.

The government continues to work to protect creators of intellectual property, but their efforts may not be enough. While the Department of Justice Antitrust Division recently announced they would now be taking an evidence-based approach when applying antitrust law in the area of patent licensing, inventors cannot simply rely on government initiatives to protect them. The focus of this new approach is on patented innovations that contribute to technological standards and will be of great help to many, but a proactive approach is always best.

The same goes for trademarks. Over the years, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection has been monitoring imports for infringing goods. "Don't rely solely on the government initiatives for protection. Although it is nice to know that you have some protection in the event your rights are violated, additional steps need to be taken to discourage others from taking advantage of your hard work. With the help of a Trademark Attorney, an individual or business can ensure no step is overlooked. In the event a person or business does try to infringe on their rights, the attorney is there to take prompt action on behalf of his or her client to minimize the damage," Choi declares.

With respect to copyrights, an owner has exclusive rights to the use and distribution of its work. Napster learned this the hard way when it was sued by individuals in the music industry for its peer-to-peer file sharing system. Although Napster was not directly using or distributing the works, they were held accountable for offering a service that allowed others to do so. Since the introduction of home computers and the launch and expansion of the internet, many cases now involve digital materials, software and more.

"An experienced Copyright Lawyer helps to ensure digital materials are protected just as physical goods are. The attorney, for example, can help a client prove that the sequence of his or her computer program has been copied, not simply the literal code. In cases such as this, an individual or business needs help in obtaining this proof and that is where the attorney comes in," Choi continues.

About John H. Choi and Associates LLC - Intellectual Property Law:

John H. Choi and Associates LLC provides a wide range of legal services relating to intellectual property for clients ranging from individual inventors to large corporations. The firm's practice focuses on the procurement, enforcement and defense of intellectual property rights, and is proud of its successes in having earned the trust of clients with focus, attention and respect. A strong intellectual property portfolio is an integral part in planning for the long-term success of a business, and the firm works with clients to invest in their current and future innovations with a broad technical background in all matters of intellectual property law.

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