Hydropower and Colorado: A winning combination

The State of Colorado in the U.S. is known to many as a beautiful vacation destination, but it’s also got a rich connection to the hydroelectric...

Now open: The HYDROVISION International 2022 call for abstracts and speakers

We have opened up our call for abstracts and call for speakers for HYDROVISION International 2021, and this is your chance to contribute your knowledge and...

Get virtual access to conference sessions scheduled for HYDROVISION International 2021

Next week, HYDROVISION International is hosting its Virtual Ticket, featuring six exciting content sessions that would have been presented at the 2021 live event. As announced last...

Vibration Monitoring Solutions for Hydropower Plants

Wednesday, November 10, 2021 | 11 AM EDT

This webinar will start with some basics of a Hydropower plant and further discuss the options available to help keep your plants running effectively without any unplanned disruptive events. PCB/IMI Sensors offers over 50+ years of experience in monitoring vibration.

Diagnostic Services: Hybrid Intelligence for Maintenance Optimization

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 | 10 AM EDT

With almost 4 years of running services, Voith Hydro experts will present their experiences of diagnostic services delivery in hydropower business. Presenting the service solutions, major findings, new aspects and future potentials are the major focus topics of this webinar.

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“Really!?” by Steven Elliott Brings Together Facts and Trivia that are Hard to Ignore

Many facts are just hard to ignore, especially those that are interesting and fill up the innate human curiosity to know more about the world. There are also trillions and more of them, so which facts are important or at least interesting? A good answer is provided by the recently published book, “Really!?” by Steven Elliott.

“Really!?” will whet the appetite of curious learners, students, workers, and almost anybody who wants to acquire tidbits of knowledge that makes them wonder and ponder over the largely unknown world around. Like there is a diamond the size of a planet! “Really!?” is a compilation of a wide range of such trivia that will never fail to amuse, entertain or educate the reader or listener. 

Steven has collected facts that others are not likely to know. The topics range from animal and plant kingdoms to astronomy, the human body, scientific inventions, the history of man, famous people, the wars everyone must know about, and the Earth.  There are also facts that are strange, horrific, unbelievable, or just plain funny.

These facts make us who we are. Humans are a curious species, and we all want to know the truth,” says Steven.

Among the collection are facts like the mysterious star KIC8462852, which emits a strange pattern of lights that dim now and then. Could that be some alien civilization at work deep inside the universe!? Back here on earth, everyone should know that there was an age when ‘megafauna’ or large-sized animals ruled the planet.

I have compiled in this work over 1,200 facts which I found interesting. It is highly unlikely that any reader would know more than ten percent of these. If anyone does, then he or she is better-read than I am!” says Steven Elliott.

An exploration geologist, Steven Elliott, found himself banned from cocktail parties when people discovered his extensive knowledge of facts and trivia. Born in countryside Australia, he attended university in Perth. His curiosity to know more about the planet led him to further research, from which arose the present work. Staying modest about his knowledge, Steven presents this work to arouse readers’ curiosity around the world. Steven lives in Perth with his wife Sally, dog Florence, and cat Smudge.

Really!?” by Steven Elliott is available from Amazon.

Visit his website: https://www.authorsteveelliott.com/

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