Waldorf Academy Toronto Encourages Parents to Teach Children How to Be Better Digital Citizens

The Waldorf Academy Toronto recently began advising parents on how they can teach their children to navigate the internet and use its resources responsibly. A private school that has provided children with a superior education for over 30 years, Waldorf Academy values the impact that parents have on their students.

They offer courses from preschool to 8th grade, as well as several programs geared towards parents, infants, toddlers, and older children. A major part of the Waldorf curriculum involves encouraging students to gain fundamental life skills and foster individuality and independence. For this generation’s children, this means teaching students to become outstanding digital citizens.

Modern advances have allowed recent generations of children to utilize the internet in ways that older adults could never have imagined, and the internet is an extremely powerful resource when it comes to education. Like many schools, the Waldorf Academy utilizes computers as educational tools. Although this allows their students to access an almost unlimited amount of educational information, the online world comes with its own unique risks. To help give Waldorf students a comprehensive understanding of the internet, the school published a report that will help guide parents in teaching their children how to combat these risks.

Just like children should have a concrete personal identity, they should also have a strong digital identity. The anonymity of the online world often lends users the courage to act in ways they otherwise wouldn’t. Waldorf Academy encourages parents to make sure their child knows that the content they write, post, and share can be seen by many and contributes to their digital identity. Keeping one’s digital identity aligned with one’s personal values is one of the hallmarks of being an outstanding digital citizen.

Digital literacy is another important aspect of digital citizenry that the Waldorf Academy Toronto works to educate their students on. This skill is extremely important for children, especially when they first begin to start using the internet regularly. It is important that minors fully recognize that anyone can post any kind of content online. While this can be a useful tool to understand many sides of the same story, it also means that false information is easily spread. Waldorf Academy suggests that parents work closely with their children to help them begin to think critically about any ‘facts’ they might see online. Being able to read information and determine for themselves what agenda the writer might have is an extremely important life skill to cultivate.

The school also urges parents to have serious conversations about the many dangerous aspects of the internet. Cyberbullying, radicalization, inappropriate content, and harassment are all now potentially at their child’s fingertips. It is often up to the student to avoid these scenarios and keep themselves and others safe. While this conversation shouldn’t scare children away from the internet, it is important that parents relay this information to them in a way that showcases the severity of these situations and helps them understand the harms that can happen. Just as they are taught in school, parents should confirm with their children that they should never share online passwords with anyone except their parents and do the most they can to protect their personal information and identity.

The Toronto Waldorf school greatly appreciates the role that parents play in the development of their students. Due to this, the academy goes to great lengths to update and educate parents on current curricula so learning doesn’t stop when the students leave school. Similarly to other areas, the school takes a serious role in setting students up for online success. Since the curriculum often utilizes the great resources the internet provides, all classes include a digital civics component to teach children how to safely use the internet and become an outstanding digital citizen. Along with their parent’s active help, Waldorf Academy students will never want for a better digital education.

Children, from infants to 8th graders, can greatly benefit from the courses and programs that Waldorf Academy Toronto offers. From weekly sessions for parents and infants, childcare programs, and kindergarten through 8th grade full-time enrollment, Waldorf Academy diligently strives to ensure that their students leave their establishment with self-confidence, focus, independence, and a love for learning. Parents who are interested in the school’s message, values, and their approach to education may learn more on the academy’s main website. To read testimonials from Waldorf Academy families, visit the Waldorf Academy Yelp page.


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