April 23, 2021


Officials said one victim died at the scene, three other victims were taken to hospitals; the shooting unfolded about 10:30 along 5th Ave.

Officer responded to call of somebody striking vehicles with a metal rod; none found with any damage

One of the recruits in Platoon 3241 had her father, a sergeant major, waiting at the end to welcome her to the Marine ‘family’

Yosemite National Park has reopened with limited capacity. Here are some photos of visitors’ return and a few shots of the time when animals reigned one year ago.

SANDAG has begun the environmental review process for a central mobility hub, marking a pivotal step in the agency’s quest to develop a transit center with an airport connection at the Navy’s Old Town Campus

Owners of the homes in La Jolla and Bankers Hill must pay civil fines and are barred from operating a public nuisance and violating state and local orders related to COVID-19

Chauvin verdict

Prosecutors appear more willing to bring charges against officers, experts said, and jurors could be more skeptical of police accounts

Rank and file police felt a mix of relief, resentment at being vilified alongside Chauvin and unsettling thoughts of themselves in his shoes

Attorney General Merrick Garland says the Justice Department is opening a sweeping investigation into policing practices in Minneapolis after the guilty verdict in George Floyd’s death

Former Minneapolis police officer found guilty of murder and manslaughter in George Floyd’s death

State and national politics

The decision is a step toward restoring the state’s power to set tougher fuel efficiency and tailpipe emissions standards than the federal government.

The Senate has passed legislation to combat the rise of hate crimes against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

The leaders of Russia and China have put aside their raw-worded disputes with U.S. President Joe Biden long enough to pledge international cooperation on cutting climate-wrecking coal and petroleum emissions

Bolstered with new momentum, Congress is ready to try again to change the nation’s policing laws


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  1. SANDAG has begun the environmental review process for a central mobility hub, marking a pivotal step in the agency’s quest to develop a transit center with an airport connection at the Navy’s Old Town Campus

  2. San Diego’s Shore Buddies vied for 2021 ‘Toy of the Year’ with Mattel’s Yoda-like ‘Mandalorian’ child

  3. President Joe Biden plans to lift his predecessor’s historically low cap on refugees by next month

  4. Committee voted 14-8 to forward Marten’s deputy education secretary nomination to the larger U.S. Senate



In a bid to vaccinate 1.9 million San Diegans against COVID-19 by July, the county and local health systems have launched immunization sites throughout the region. Check out this map to find the location nearest you and schedule an appointment.

Here are the latest demographic data on COVID-19 cases in the county

Reflecting on the war in Afghanistan

From 2005 to 2014, U-T photojournalist Nelvin C. Cepeda traveled regularly to Afghanistan embedded with Marines from Camp Pendleton. He looks back on what it was like seeing the war unfold abroad and at home.

Friday, April 23

San Diego News Fix
Nelvin C. Cepeda has been to Afghanistan seven times in his 30 years as a photographer at the SDUT. He’ll share his experiences.

Then, columnist Charles T. Clark shares his take on the guilty verdict in the trail of Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis police officer who murdered George Floyd.

To help local businesses and workers recover from the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Union-Tribune invites you to list your business free of charge.


Get the story behind the story. Kristy Totten interviews reporters about what matters in San Diego.

A weekly podcast celebrating people who have shaped San Diego and been shaped by it.

Padres beat writer Kevin Acee and sports editor Jay Posner discuss all things Padres.

A worker picks flowers for bouquets at the Carlsbad Flower Fields.

Images from Union-Tribune staff and contributing freelance photographers


The Migrant Voices Today Film Challenge showcases diverse short-form films exploring loss, separation, current political realities and COVID-19’s effects on migrants, refugees and asylum seekers on a worldwide scale.


David has applied for humanitarian parole, a request increasingly used by attorneys since the border has been closed to asylum seekers

Immigration and the border had already become major distractions from Biden’s efforts to defeat the pandemic and invest trillions of dollars in the economy

The Biden administration plans to order U.S. immigration enforcement agencies to stop using terms such as “alien,” “illegal alien” and “assimilation” when referring to immigrants in the United States, a rebuke of terms widely used under the Trump administration.

Tijuana recently finished repairs after sewage flowed over the border for weeks, shuttering beaches as far north as Coronado

From root beer to fancy horchata, columnist Ryan Bradford tries a variety of cannabis-infused drinks

Tatiana Ortiz Rubio’s “Stop the Spread” is part of a statewide public awareness campaign that aims to remind people to stay diligent in reducing the spread of COVID-19.

In addition to tasting rooms in North Park and Scripps Ranch, the local hard kombucha company will now operate a third location in Los Angeles County

Chef Brian Redzikowski, who won top prize at the 2019 Grand Cochon culinary event in Chicago, will virtually guide at-home cooks


Games, events and promotions


Receptionist Hardware Seeing Surge in the Sales of Touchless Visitor Management Kiosks

Receptionist Hardware, a renowned company for offering hardware solutions for visitor check-in apps, has reported that they are seeing a big surge in the sales of their Touchless Visitor Management Kiosks. Most of these sales are contributed to what they call their ‘Temperature Scanning Visitor Management Kiosks’. These advanced virus screening kiosks are designed to minimize virus exposure for screeners, visitors, and employees and to more efficiently and safely allow people to enter into a retail center, office space, or other commercial building. This is the company’s latest temperature scanning floorstand kiosk product that is helping companies avoid a massive spread of Covid-19 at their workplace that will impact their earnings and put their employees’ health at risk.

A media relations spokesperson for the company says, “Due to COVID-19, it seems to us that more workplaces, retail centers, and even institutions, are seeking out contactless ways to check-in visitors. At the same time, they are very interested in performing temperature scans and other virus screening procedures such as filling out health questionnaires that will help protect them from virus spread. The problem is, this can be very tedious and risky to do with conventional table and chair setups manned by health personnel. That’s why we feel that the sales of our Touchless Visitor Management Kiosks have seen such a big surge recently.”

Temperature scanning Kiosk

He went on to say that the company has spent a lot of time and effort coming up with the design for their Temperature Scanning Visitor Management Kiosks. They did this because for them to be impactful they must be simple to operate and accurate. The media relations spokesperson says that this is why they chose to include a highly accurate thermal scanning system in the kiosk. It not only produces more accurate body temperature readings but also takes these readings much faster than can be done with more conventional temperature taking means. Making them as autonomous as possible also eliminates the need to have screening personnel manning entry points to a business which, in turn, makes these virus screening kiosks very cost-efficient to operate.

The media relations spokesperson also theorized that so many businesses are interested in their thermal temperature scanning kiosks because they fully realize that their people are their most valuable investment. They also realize that every type of screening they put in place gives their business an added layer of virus protection. Although no type of equipment is foolproof when it comes to detecting a virus that can spread asymptomatically, this has proven to be the best way for business owners and managers to ensure that only healthy employees and visitors enter their workplace. These kiosks can do this because they are equipped with an infrared temperature sensor/detector that automatically provides an alert if an individual that checks into the kiosk is running a fever. He says that further virus exposure is also minimalized with these advanced temperature scanning kiosks because no screeners are exposed while doing temperature checks. This also makes the check-in procedure much more hygienic and efficient. There is also no costly clean-up or other maintenance involved in operating these efficient temperature scanning devices and employees and visitors get a heightened sense of safety when they see the mere presence of entryway temperature scanning kiosks.

According to Receptionist Hardware’s media relations spokesperson, he says that the specs that their touchless Temperature Scanning Visitor Management Kiosks are made to are also very impressive. This includes the fact that they are accurate to within +/- 0.5 degrees Celsius and they offer a very quick 1-second refresh rate. They are even effective at scanning people that are distances of 20 to 39 inches from the kiosk platform. He added that this award-winning visitor management system also meets all of the FDA guidelines for non-medical screening purposes. It has an Android operating system and comes bundled with items such as Greetly’s Visitor Management Software - a Digital Receptionist 1-year Pro plan subscription. That software allows users to do such things as sign in without touching any part of the kiosk and automatically have visitor badges printed. The media relations director also pointed out that their Temperature Scanning Visitor Management Kiosk software also helps them keep a cloud-based visitor logbook and allows access to real-time voice, text, email, Microsoft Team, Google Hangouts Chat, and Slack notifications.

More information on the wide variety of Receptionist Hardware’s Touchless Visitor Management Kiosks that they offer can be seen on their website.


For more information about Receptionist Hardware, contact the company here:

Receptionist Hardware
Media Relations
(312) 276-1900
171 N Aberdeen St #400
Chicago, IL 60607


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