Marcus Hiles - Explains How to Get Lower Rental Rates

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / December 9, 2016 / When it comes to renting properties, finding a popular floorplan with a good view at a fair price is desired. Marcus Hiles, a renowned Texas real estate investor and developer, understands that people want to live a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle at a price they can afford. What landlords will rarely tell their renters is that they use yield management software that automatically raises rent when popular floorplans are requested. Marcus Hiles specializes in not only anticipating real estate market trends, but also providing renters with the knowledge on how to negotiate rental rates.

Marcus Hiles - Explains How to Get Lower Rental Rates

When a renter asks specifically for a popular floorplan, their chances of receiving a higher rental rate increase due to the technology designed to help landlords generate more revenue. Alternatively, if the renter asks the landlord what floorplans they have available without being specific on what exactly they're looking for, the rent price then decreases. A New York Times article states that technology, such as the yield management software, can benefit residents as well. "Just as travelers can lower their airline fare by flying at off times, residents can often lock in lower monthly rents by agreeing to lease terms that help apartment owners avoid downtime or fill less popular units." With this being said, Hiles recommends that renters should look at signing leases in an off-season, such as late fall or early winter.

Marcus Hiles advised renters looking to sign a lease to keep in mind a few factors that may impact the price of rent. According to a Forbes article on how to negotiate rental prices, collecting information about the neighborhood, the landlord, and what other tenants are paying - either in the same building or community - are all influencers to finding lower rental rates. Renters shouldn't be afraid to negotiate prices either. Although transparently asking for a lower rental price might not be the best strategy, landlords are not necessarily opposed to negotiating. "Negotiation points for me as a landlord and property manager are length of lease and credit," says Denise Supplee, co-founder of, a full-service rental automation service. Another option is to offer to sign a long-term lease, advises Hiles. Landlords like the idea of being able to keep turnover rates down while still meeting their profit needs.

Dedicated to the concept of community-building, Marcus Hiles, Founder and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, has spent more than three decades working hard to meet the public need for high-end developments and rentals. Hiles' community-centric vision has also fueled his standing as a leading philanthropist. Being the son of an inner city minister, Hiles is deeply committed to education and has donated over $2.5 million to public and private K-12 initiatives, after school programs, and university career services and job placement programs. Hiles believes in showing commitment to his employees by promising them long-term security through promoting from within the company and, in return, is proud of the exceptional loyalty and work ethic of his team members.

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