The More the Merrier - Playpal Successfully Integrates with Leading Health Apps and IoT Devices



Playpal-integrations chart

Playpal-integrations chart

Playpal journey began when Fitbit Series was integrated with our Proof of Concept. Since then, we have been advancing AI engine via successive integrations.

CENTENNIAL, CO, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2019 / -- Today, there is an app for everything, especially when it comes to mHealth. With so many options out there, it becomes impossible to get a holistic picture of your health and easier to mismanage it. With so much health data available across various health platforms, information consolidation and smart analysis is essential if it is to be of any use.

Playpal was incubated for this very reason - to make consolidated health data & AI processed knowledge a reality, with the added monetary incentive of Playpal’s own health cryptocurrency. In this way, Playpal acts as users’ personal Smart Health Analyst, offering them unique private health keys that guide them to a healthy lifestyle.

Our journey began when the Fitbit Series successfully integrated with our Proof of Concept. Since then, we have been advancing our AI engine and Algorithms via successive integrations with other leading mHealth brands - like Google Fit, Samsung Health, MyFitness Pal, and Apple Health - in order to accommodate the vast majority of smartphone users into our rewards-based gamified health ecosystem.

Playpal is not just another health app. We are all about building new realities, with a mission to make staying healthy fun, easy, informative, and rewarding. After integrating with the aforementioned leading mHealth brands, the next logical step was to make this mission of Gamified Health a reality. So, we went ahead and built our community leaderboards, where users can create health challenges for one another via our health-token. In parallel, and to bring our vision and mission full-circle, we launched and integrated with our proprietary health games: Keeko Combat & Bon Bon Jump. With these milestones, we understood that as long as we could develop internal APIs and SDKs across all health verticals - may it be apps, devices, databases, or even games! - our dream of becoming the one-stop-shop for health really could become a reality.

Snapshot of our Current Integrations
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We understand that, outside of leading digital-health brands, people use various health wearables to manage and track different aspects of their health. While we are accounting for this in our model by developing in-house integration protocols that will make us the first Smart Health repository, we are also focusing on R&D pilots via partnerships & integrations with various niche health IoTs. So far, we have successfully synced with an automated calorie band (Healbe Gobe2 smart band), a smart tape (Bagel Lab’s smart measuring tape), an EEG monitor (BrainBit’s EEG monitor headband), and a generic smart watch (Fendong). By running this thread in parallel, we have been able to build and simulate our algorithm in order to test vertical and horizontal correlations between a multitude of metrics which, in isolation, yield no meaningful analyses, but in conglomeration yield invaluable health insights.
It is clear that Playpal gives you a holistic picture of your health by analyzing your health data (from all the above-mentioned apps and devices) via its AI engine, providing predictive analyses and tailored health recommendations, and offering its health currency for consistent adherence.

There's More Coming!

Innovation is like blood to Playpal’s vision and we have been fortunate enough to meet like-minded people that are bringing us one step closer to revolutionizing health. While we have achieved great milestones in a short period of time, we are not stopping here. There is so much more that we have planned for our users. So stay tuned!

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