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On August 6, 2013, Inergy hosted a conference call to review its second quarter 2013 earnings. The following are portions of the earnings release narrative and a transcript of certain portions of the call relating to the merger with Inergy. While every effort has been made to ensure that the below is an accurate transcription, there may be typographical mistakes, inaudible statements, errors, omissions or inaccuracies in the transcript.


Robert Phillips:

Good morning to all that have joined us on this call. We’re very excited about the call today. This is our first time to present Crestwood and Inergy Midstream together as kind of a combined Company. I’m going to update you on the merger in a second, but again, right off the bat want to express our thanks to all of our investors and appreciation to all the teams that have worked through this quarter and are working very, very aggressively to get these two Companies together.


  So first, to the merger update. As you know, we announced a historic transaction on May 6th—seems like a long time ago, really just a couple of months ago—between the Crestwood Companies and the Inergy Companies to form a fully-integrated Midstream Partnership, which we believe will ultimately have an enterprise value in the neighborhood of about $7 billion. We completed the first step in that process on June 19th of this year by combining the General Partners of Crestwood into NRGY, and at the same time, Crestwood Holdings, which, as a refresher, is the Partnership between First Reserve, our controlling shareholder, and the Crestwood Management team. Crestwood Holdings also acquired control of NRGY and indirectly, NRGM, on the 19th, and I became Chairman and CEO of the Inergy Partnerships, in addition to Crestwood. So today, as we speak, NRGY is a consolidated General Partner entity with some legacy assets, but more importantly, the GP/IDRs of both of the underlying Partnerships.


  NRGM and CMLP will remain separate entities until the merger’s complete, but we are already working together on merger integration plans, and our teams are working together on a number of future acquisition opportunities, as well as joint development projects.


  We continue to believe strongly in the merger thesis that we announced back in early May. After our announcement, you may have observed that a number of small to mid cap midstream MLPs are now aggressively searching for a merger partner. It is clear to us that size does matter in this business, as the projects seem to just get larger and larger, so sector consolidation is certainly well underway right now. The value chain growth strategy continues to drive our project development teams, as it drove our merger strategic rationale.


  Post-merger, the combined Partnership not only will be larger and more capable of participating in larger projects, but will also have a broader view of the midstream market from the well head to the burner tip, which will allow us, as we grow in the future, to look for the best value, to invest in the best assets, to offer our customers a full range of competitive services and to use that size and diverse portfolio to continue to build on a world-class portfolio of high growth assets which are largely focused on rich gas, NGLs, and crude. So, it goes without saying that in the post merger world we’re going to have collectively a much more visible growth opportunities when you consider our current positions in the Bakken Shale, the Marcellus Shale, the Niobrara Shale, and a soon to be announced Permian Shale project.


  Now to the merger timeline: we filed the S-4 on May 29th. We’ve been in the process with the SEC since then. Our best guess is, as of today, we’ll be mailing proxy materials to the Crestwood unitholders sometime in late August. We’ll hold the CMLP unitholder vote in late September, resulting in a merger close by late September/early October. Our goal, of course, is to have that completed before 9/30.



In the meantime, we’re very active on a number of fronts. I’ve engaged Booz and Company to facilitate the organizational merger integration process, very similar to those that we conducted at both El Paso and Enterprise, so we’re very experienced in this process and we’re managing it exactly as we have in the past.


We’re making good progress on the integration front, with a combined group of Executives from both Partnerships acting as a Steering Committee. We’re probably 40 to 50% through with the integration process at this point in time, and certainly, we’ll have our day one activities ready by merger close and a full plan to be rolled out in the fourth quarter of this year.


  Our goal is to create a scalable and efficient operating platform for our three business units, Gathering and Processing, the traditional Crestwood business; NGLs and Crude; and Storage and Transportation, the traditional Energy businesses. We’re going to surround that with a low-cost shared services model built for scalability and long-term growth. As I’ve said, our teams are working hard to be ready for day one, and they will be. We’ll be executing the consolidation plan for the organizations in the fourth quarter and ready to roll out combined 2014 guidance early next year for our investors. So, I’m very pleased with the merger track that we’re on.

* * *


Michael Campbell:

I want to take a moment to explain the accounting treatment for the transaction with Crestwood Holdings and the impact to the reported financials present in our earnings release distributed earlier this morning. The transaction between Crestwood Holdings and NRGY completed on June 19th was treated for purposes of GAAP as a reverse merger, whereby NRGY is the surviving legal entity but Crestwood Gas Services GP LLC, the General Partner of CMLP, is deemed to be the accounting predecessor. Thus, NRGY’s GAAP reported financial results for the quarter reflect a full quarter of Crestwood Gas Services results, plus the consolidated results from operations of NRGY and NRGM for the 12 days from June 19th to June 30th. In addition, as a result of the transaction, NRGY has changed its fiscal year end from September 30th to December 31st. And overall, the accounting for the Crestwood transaction makes the financial comparability somewhat challenging, and I would encourage investors to read NRGY’s earnings release in conjunction with the separately reported results of NRGM and CMLP, and also the NRGY pro forma financial information for the year ended December 31, 2012, filed on an 8-K/A dated July 23rd.


  Based on this, adjusted EBITDA for NRGY for the three and six months ended at June 30th was 47.8 million and 87.2 million. The increase in the adjusted EBITDA over the prior year is primarily driven by CMLP, as Doc has described in his remarks, and the contribution from the consolidated results of NRGY subsequent to the June 19th closing date of the transaction.


  Consolidated DCS of NRGY for the three and six month periods was 28.8 million and 72.1 million, which has been adjusted to reflect the DCS contribution from Inergy in the period prior to June 19th and the distributions that were paid to minority LP unitholders at NRGM and CMLP. NRGY DCS includes solid results, as we’ve discussed, from both CMLP and NRGM, and again, as Bob overviewed in his remarks, the continuation of a challenging gas storage environment at Trace, and to a lesser extent, higher corporate overhead expenses related largely to the merger and the NGL storage timing that we’ve also discussed.


Robert Phillips:

I want investors to focus on the progress we’re making on the merger, the integration process, our timing, the fact that we’re going to have these two Partnerships combined into a great midstream Partnership by the fourth quarter of this year. You know, that’s record speed for a combination of Master Limited Partnerships in this business, based on my experience, and I’ve been involved in a lot of the large combinations over the years. So, I want investors to focus on that and on the platform that we’re building for growth.


  So I hope that the strategic merits of the transaction are still very apparent. They still hang together for us. And with that, I’ll turn it back to the Operator and we’ll start the Q&A.

* * *


Ethan Bellamy:

Good morning, gentlemen, a few questions for you. First, Mike, on housekeeping, what kind of merger-related expenses should we be modeling in 3Q?


Michael Campbell:

Ethan, relative to 3Q, I think a large number of those expenses would occur, really—and I believe you’re talking about calendar 3Q?


Ethan Bellamy:



Michael Campbell:

Would occur down at NRGM and, you know, I think if you had something in your models in the neighborhood of, again, kind of $3 million to $5 million, I think it would probably cover what we’d expect there, largely related to financing expenses.

* * *

Robert G. Phillips:

A final note, we’re excited about what we’re doing here between Inergy and Crestwood and hope that investors remain optimistic about our timeline and our process throughout the remainder of the year. We look forward to being back to you after the third quarter call with some exciting new updates on our projects. With that, we’ll call it a day. Thanks, Operator.

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