Jerome Karam Donates Space For Got Fish Expo

Houston, Texas, United States - 12-27-2022 (PR Distribution™) -

[Alt Text: A picture of a person fishing on the lake with supplies bought at the Got Fish Expo at the Mainland City Centre.]
A picture of a person fishing on the lake with supplies bought at the Got Fish Expo at the Mainland City Centre.

Jerome Karam is not your ordinary real estate developer; he is both skilled and tactful. He is the kind of developer that will not shy away from a challenge; his specialty in the industry is purchasing old and worn-out structures that no one would touch and transforming them, thus improving society's standards. 

He has been in the real estate business for almost 20 years, renovated, and profitably sold millions of dollars in real estate, mainly in Texas and Louisiana. 

However, Jerome was not always a real estate developer; he started as a private personal injury practice lawyer. He worked in this field for over ten years and represented over 1000 clients. 

After his success in law, he decided to pursue the real estate business, which was his passion. Jerome Karam's main focus was real estate development; that was when he founded JMK5 Holdings, LLC. 

He is the CEO of this company. Together with JMK5 Holdings, Jerome has built over 29 entities, all of which he has transformed into thriving properties.

Mainland City Centre Continues to Stand Out

One of his most remarkable real estate developments is buying the Mall of the Mainland and transforming it into the Mainland City Centre. It is an investment that many real estate developers tried to transform but failed. 

By the time JKM5 Holdings bought it, the mall had been closed for a year. However, thanks to the hard work of Jerome Karam and his company, Mainland City Centre is one of the most desirable malls in the Houston area. 

The mall is home to one of the largest gyms in the county, Texas Entertainment Xperience, City suits, various dining areas, storage spaces, and educational areas, among others. In addition, the mall is family-friendly and embraces the community. 

According to Jerome, he tries as much as possible to keep things local. The aim is to ensure that his investment also benefits the locals. The mall's development also transformed the city, with other buildings around the areas also transforming their look. 

Jerome Karam's aim is not only to grow his empire but also to transform the community. That is why most of the projects he does become more prominent and better for the locals. 

Jerome Karam Donates Mainland City Centre Space

Jerome likes taking part in local community activities. For instance, on December 9th-11th, he donated the Mainland City Centre Space for the Got Fish Expo.

Donating a space for The Galveston Co Fishing & Outdoors Expo indicates that Jerome Karam also enjoys giving back to the community. 

The Got Fishing Expo was held indoors at the Mainland City Centre. The charges were $10 for adults, $5 for youths, and free for kids under seven. The packing space was free. The event was for anyone who sells fishing, hunting products, food, and gear. 

With a beautiful and secure place like the Mainland City Centre, people felt confident about going and learning about various vendors. 

In addition, the community got a chance to get together before the holidays and learn more about fishing, hunting, and other outdoor activities. Though making a profit in business is essential, Jerome understands that not everything is about money. 

Some things like bringing the community together and interactions are also important. That is why he offered the space for the Got Fish Expo. 

Various vendors from all over the country attended the Got Fish Expo. That gave the locals chances to learn about new products, ideas, or concepts they could use for outdoor activities. 

Also, due to the high traffic, the expo was an excellent opportunity to market the mall and the everyday stores that the people of Texas will get when they make a stop. 

Jerome has showcased true patriotism and love for society. And by the way, there are more activities in the Mainland City Centre this festive season. So, keep an eye out for other events.

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