Evolve Therapy Deepens its Couples Counseling Team with the Addition of Khara Hesse, MA

Evolve Therapy is excited to introduce the newest addition to their team, Khara Hesse, MA. As a Mental Health Therapist specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy, Khara's rich and varied employment history enhances her therapy approach, making her an invaluable asset to the clinic and its clients.

Prior to joining the world of mental health, Khara held several pivotal roles in the human services field. Her time as a childcare-giver honed her patience and understanding, crucial skills in the realm of therapy. As an academic tutor and mentor, she developed strong communication abilities and a knack for guidance. Through her experience as a group home counselor and volunteer coordinator, she further cultivated her innate ability to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering understanding and empathy.

Khara Hesse, MA

This eclectic blend of past roles provides Khara with a unique perspective. It gives her an edge in understanding the multifaceted challenges that clients may bring to the therapy room. By drawing from her vast experiences, Khara ensures that therapy isn't just about discussing challenges but about finding holistic, actionable solutions.

Khara Hesse has undergone professional training in the Gottman Method, an evidence-based approach that emphasizes the importance of healthy communication, conflict management, and intimacy in relationships. This method, built on decades of research and clinical experience, provides therapists with effective tools and techniques to help couples build stronger, more resilient relationships.

At Evolve Therapy, the integration of the Gottman Method into Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) has established a robust therapeutic model for couples. This method, rooted in research-based interventions and assessments, equips therapists with tools to fortify relationships through enhanced communication, conflict management, and intimacy.

Khara's deep engagement with the Emotionally Focused Therapy as her theoretical orientation underscores her dedication to providing couples with evidence-based strategies. This commitment not only promotes mutual understanding and respect but also enriches her holistic therapeutic approach, ensuring couples experience a deeper connection.

By blending this with EFT, which is rooted in attachment theory and focuses on creating and maintaining emotional bonds between partners, Evolve provides a comprehensive approach. This synergy ensures that couples not only understand and navigate their emotional cycles but also learn practical skills to communicate, resolve conflicts, and deepen their connection. Evolve Therapy’s fusion of these two powerful methodologies offers couples a holistic healing journey that addresses both the emotional and pragmatic aspects of their relationship. Khara enjoys working with polyamorous couples.

Renee Segal, MA, LMFT, the owner of Evolve Therapy, said, "Khara's diverse background in the human services field makes her uniquely positioned to understand and cater to the varied needs of our clients. Her rich tapestry of experiences adds depth to our team and enhances our holistic approach." Khara is a yoga teacher as well which helps her stay focused and grounded.

Expressing her sentiments about joining the Evolve Therapy team, Khara stated, "Every role I've undertaken in the past has taught me something valuable about human connections and resilience. I'm thrilled to bring these learnings to Evolve Therapy and support clients on their journey to self-improvement and relationship strengthening."

Khara Hesse's addition to the Evolve Therapy team symbolizes the center's dedication to comprehensive care. Her rich employment background, combined with her academic expertise, promises an enriching therapeutic experience for clients.


Individuals seeking to benefit from Khara's diverse experience and therapeutic expertise can request a therapy session with her by visiting the Evolve Therapy website at www.evolvetherapymn.com or by calling Evolve Therapy at 763-200-8900.


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