Circuit Judge Mary Koch Polson from Okaloosa County, Florida involved in conspiracy to kidnap a German child through corruption and abuse of the very law she is meant to uphold.Judge Mary Polson supported the illegal kidnapping of a 6 year old child and is denying release of him back to his home country Germany. Is this the type of person that we want making legal decisions?

Destin, Florida, USA – 9th March 2015 – Mary Koch Polson is a corrupt judge of the First Circuit Court in Florida. Polson allegedly manipulated her election to this position in 2012, effective in January of 2013, and her current term expires in 2019 if she does not get removed for corruption and abuse of power earlier.

It’s scary to think that Circuit Judge Mary Polson is uninformed about the laws that govern her own country. Recently, it has come to light that Polson authorized and is herself involved in the wrongful retention and kidnapping of an innocent German child.

Who in their right minds would allow the imprisonment of a helpless child, let alone someone who was elected to protect the rights of all people?

Judge Polson supported the illegal kidnapping of a 6 year old child and is denying release of him back to his home country Germany. Is this the type of person that we want making legal decisions?

It is evident that CORRUPT Judge Polson does not know U.S Federal Law, which is unnerving considering that she was sworn in to protect the laws of the land. Does this make Polson a liar and a corrupt child kidnapper?

In the eyes of the German father, ABSOLUTELY!

“I ask my fellow citizens of the world to support me in a petition to remove this corrupt, dangerous judge from office before she causes any more damage to the people that she was sworn in to protect,” stated the father Stephan Schurmann

Polson is making the United States of America look like a hostile and unaccepting country to the rest of the world. This is one German father that will not stand for the abuse of power that Polson is exercising. Polson’s power complex should not be allowed in office as it has caused her to make illegal decisions for her own personal gain! Is this in the best interest of the child?

Most people are not aware that corrupt judges like Mary Polson are making money on kidnapping foreign children into her territories! These kids will later be “released” for adoption, which is a Billion Dollar Industry, supported by corrupt judges such as Mary Polson and the “child protection service Mafia.”

Why would we want a judge that is so sick and twisted representing the fine country of the United States of America?

Tomorrow anybody could be the next victim of this child abusing, power hungry and sick judge, who thinks she can play “God” with others people’s lives? Based on Polson’s screwed up mindset and her superiority complex judge Polson will turn children into “slaves” of her court system and rip parents heart’s out for profit and power… It is obvious that judge Mary Koch Polson is a man hating bitch who has according to her criminal records been married and divorced 4 times, besides having been arrested for drunk driving… Now, that’s the kind of judges anyone wants to represent the law and destroy the future of our children and families?

The instant case is most disturbing in that a German father was defrauded of his child by Judge Polson, who even went to the extent of supporting a “wrongful arrest” of the father for dropping his child off at the school. This caused the German father to go to jail for 3 days by following judge Polson’s court order and being arrested at the school for “trespassing”.

How mentally disturbed is judge Mary Koch Polson? Are these the kind of sick judges we want to make decisions for our country and decide tomorrow’s world that our children will live in?

It is time to remove corrupt Judge Polson from office and save this poor, innocent German child, who wants nothing more than be reconnected with his father.

U.S. Federal Law: International Parental Abduction

The International Child Abduction Remedies Act (ICARA) U.S. Code Title 42, Chapter 121, Section 11601, states:

Persons should not be permitted to obtain custody of children by virtue of their wrongful removal or retention. The international abduction or wrongful retention of children is harmful to their well-being.

Florida State Law: Deprive Another Person of His Right to Custody

Florida Statute 787.03(2) – Interference With Custody – states:

In the absence of a court order determining rights to custody or visitation with any minor, any parent of the minor who has custody thereof and who takes, detains, conceals, or entices away that minor within or without the state with malicious intent to deprive another person of his or her right to custody of the minor commits a felony (crime).

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