Frosting on the Cake: Jewelry Trunk Shows with a Brilliant Difference

By: DGI Wire

cupcakes with frosting and diamond ring(DGIwire)   Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson aren’t the only gems that sparkle onscreen in the 2003 romantic comedy How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. McConaughey’s character works for an advertising agency that is trying to land the DeLauer diamond conglomerate as a client. At the culminating point in the movie, the DeLauer company holds a lavish party in which all the attending guests—Hudson’s character included—are invited to “frost”—i.e., cover—themselves with rented diamonds. What a concept for a party! It sounds like a dream to drink champagne while dripping in hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of diamonds.

Unfortunately, it truly is a dream, even for our onscreen A-listers. The partygoers are allowed to rent the diamond jewelry for the duration of the party, but must immediately return it before walking out the door. This even holds true for real-life celebrities who walk the red carpet during awards season. The gorgeous gems that grace the ears, wrists, and fingers of Hollywood’s elite are usually borrowed from jewelers for the event and then whisked back to the showroom faster than they can say, “I’d like to thank the Academy.”

For many of us non-celebrities, simply being in the same room with these beautiful baubles—let alone having the opportunity to don them for even a few glittering moments—still sounds like a fairy tale. Wait: what if there were a way to attend or even host one of these glittering galas and actually have the chance to leave with the jewelry you love—and not get chased by the police for doing so?

Now there is just such a glorious opportunity, and then some, thanks to Lulu Avenue®. Lulu Avenue® is the only trunk show company that features moissanite, a gem that is brighter than a diamond, stronger than a sapphire, ethically grown, and costs a fraction of the price of traditional gemstones. Lulu Avenue® is a direct-to-consumer division of Charles & Colvard®, the sole source of Classic Moissanite™ gems.

Sold through a network of independent Style Advisors, exclusive and yet affordable Lulu Avenue®-branded jewelry can be yours by attending a boutique-style Trunk Show. Trunk Shows can be held in someone’s own home, a friend’s home, or any other venue that provides a welcoming environment in which friends, neighbors, and colleagues can “frost” themselves—and actually afford to buy the rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, or conversation-starting broaches they love the most. Talk about frosting your cake and eating it too. There’s more: Lulu Avenue® provides women with the tools to host one of these Trunk Shows themselves.

“Becoming a Style Advisor is not just about hosting a Trunk Show in your living room,” says Michelle Jones, President of Lulu Avenue®. “Our Style Advisors are entrepreneurial women with an eye for fashion who are looking to start a new career or supplement their income. We provide them with unwavering guidance, materials, coaching, and support to get their new jewelry-selling venture off the ground. This also offers them an opportunity to show their friends, family, and community the most beautiful gems and most beautifully designed jewelry at affordable prices.”

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