Choosing the Perfect Prom Dress

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Young Couples Dressed Up For Prom(DGIwire) Prom season is approaching; you’ve made it to the final stretch of your high school career. While teenagers across the country struggle to find the perfect date, the girls are also scrambling to find the perfect dress. Think about it, there are minimal times in your life when you get to wear an over the top, glamorous dress, we’re not celebrities posing on the red carpet, after all. A prom dress to a teenager is like a wedding dress to a future bride. It is important to find the best dress for your special night that will make you look beautiful and feel confident.

Prom is one of those sentimental events in a person’s life. We all think back about our prom experience, our date, his tux, the limo, the flowers and the friends we were with in that moment. Whether good or bad memories, there’s no denying prom is a right of passage, and so is picking out the dress.

There are so many different styles and colors available. The prom dress my mom wore is totally different from the one I wore, and mine will be completely different than my younger sister’s. With all the choices it can definitely be overwhelming. Besides offering a reminder to ease your stress by starting to shop early—here are a few other suggestions..

Trends change like the weather

Take the time to find out what style best suits you and your body shape. Find out what is popular this year. Familiarize yourself with material in teen magazines for inspiration. If a dress really catches your eye, tear out the page and take it with you when you go shopping for your gown.

Take your measurements before you go shopping

Get a tape measure out and determine your height, weight, bust and hips sizes. This is especially important if you are ordering online. Don’t rely on assuming something will fit. Wasting time and money is never good. But, remember; don’t get caught up on the numbers, whether you’re tall and slender or petite and curvy, wear a silhouette that fits your body type. Confidence is key.

Plan your budget

Not all parents can afford to ‘keep up with the Jones’’ and buy their daughter a jaw dropping couture gown. Figure out what price range you need to stay within and start saving as soon as possible. If your budget is low, check out the outlet stores and thrift shops in your area. You may be surprised what you’ll find. Bridal shops are a great secret place for your prom dress.

Options, Options, Options

While this may be a tedious and at times aggravating process, don’t get discouraged. If you can, go to several different dress shops and try on everything that suits you. There is no such thing as too many options. It’s far better than not having any at all. 


If you’ve shopped ’til you dropped and still have not found that dream dress, consider going to a tailor and having them design a dress especially for you. This could set you back more financially, but if you have the cash to spend then it might be worth it.

Whether a long gown, a short cocktail dress, sequins, jewels, bright colors, a full ball gown skirt, chose what you like. Take people’s opinions with a grain of salt. It’s not about them, you have to wear the dress, and you need to be confident and happy.

Bottom line: Have an open mind! You might see something unappealing on the hanger, but it can look totally different on a body.

There are so many expectations kids create for prom. But, ultimately prom is what you make of it. Have fun, relax and enjoy this time with your friends. You’re all going to be traveling in separate directions for college, enjoy your last hoorah.

And if you’re still worried about your dress, take a deep breathe, it’s not like you’re going to be featured on E! Networks ‘Fashion Police’ for “Worst Dressed.” Plus, in 20 years you’ll be looking back at your pictures and laughing anyway, thinking “did I really wear that?”

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