Recent Article on Pharmaceutical Innovation Highlights the Need for Creative Solutions to Common Problems, Says Medlife Pharmacy

Although the article focuses on the need for pharmaceutical companies to innovate and adapt, Medlife Pharmacy says that this need for innovation also applies to pharmacists.

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) July 07, 2015

An article published June 24th on outlined a report from Cambridge Consultants that discussed how innovation and technology would be the “key factors” in the growth of pharmaceutical companies going forward. The article outlined the need to address issues of accessibility and affordability, especially in emerging and growing markets. According to the compounding pharmaceutical specialists at MedLife Pharmacy in Irvine, innovation really is key in successfully delivering pharmaceuticals to costumers in need of generally unavailable solutions to certain medical problems, and it applies to pharmacists as well as manufacturers. “Pharmaceutical compounding is all about providing customized medications to patients with special needs,” said the Los Angeles pharmacy. “It is one of the ways that 21st century medical professionals are meeting new patient needs with innovative solutions.” Medlife says that, because the big bio-tech companies are focused on profitable solutions for the masses rather than specialized care for the individual, it is up to compounding pharmacists like themselves to craft solutions for patients with needs that fall outside of the scope of traditional pharmaceuticals. According to Medlife Pharmacy in Irvine, several of these specific needs include:

  • Dosage Sizes – While patients taking certain over the counter medicines, such as aspirin, can get away with rudimentary custom dosage methods, including cutting a pill in half, stronger and specialized medicines require an exact dosage to fit the patients age, sex, weight, or any number of other factors. Medlife explains that their pharmacists individually craft medicines for patients that contain the exact amount of each ingredient needed to achieve maximum effectiveness.
  • Dosage Forms – In additional to dosage size, Medlife says that many of the patients that come to them do so because they are in need of a specific dosage form. They are capable of creating unique delivery methods such as creams, lollipops, and transdermal gels that make it easier for patients with certain restrictions to receive the medicine that they need.
  • Additive-Free Medicines – In many cases, especially with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or with adults and children who have restrictive allergies, certain medicines can be potentially harmful because of some component other than the active ingredient. Additives in pills or medicines such as dyes, alcohol, sugars, or lactose can prevent patients from being able to receive the active ingredient simply because of how the pharmaceutical company wishes to process and package it.

Innovation surely is key for the future of the pharmaceutical industry, but, according to Medlife Pharmacy, the weight of innovation cannot be carried by the bio-tech companies alone. Anyone interested in learning more about what innovative solutions the compounding pharmacists at Medlife can offer may visit the pharmacy online at, or contact them by phone at 949-502-7272.

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