Article on Creating Pesticide-free Buffer Zone around Schools Highlights Need to Address Potential Autism Risk Factors, Notes MedLife Pharmacy & Compounding

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Commenting on the recent article, the Irvine compounding pharmacy explains that, while the causes of autism remain relatively unknown, any measure aimed at protecting children from ingesting potentially harmful substances is beneficial.

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) February 29, 2016

According to an article posted February 10th on Modern Farmer, advocacy group Californians for Pesticide Reform is working to create a one-mile pesticide-free buffer zone around schools in the California Monterey Bay area. They claim that scientific research indicates that this could better protect children from pesticide exposure, which research from Environmental Health Perspectives has linked to developmental delays, asthma, ADHD, and autism. According to Irvine-based compounding pharmacy MedLife Pharmacy & Compounding, this news is an excellent example of the concerns around potentially harmful elements entering children’s bodies and the urgent need many parents feel to ensure that their children are not brought into contact with potentially harmful substances that some believe may worsen autism, including those may be found in certain drug compounds. The pharmacy notes, they are fully aware of the special concerns many parents have with two specific ingredients common in medications found at traditional pharmacies: gluten and casein. MedLife Pharmacy & Compounding explains that, in order to eliminate exposure to these ingredients, they offer specialized compounded medications and nutritional supplements without the use of either gluten or casein. Some of the other benefits associated with compounding practices, MedLife Pharmacy & Compounding explains, are:

  • Family-friendly medications – MedLife Pharmacy & Compounding notes that for parents, medication time can be stressful and frustrating, especially if their children have autism or other developmental disabilities. Indeed, it can be quite difficult to encourage a child to swallow an oddly shaped pill or gulp down bitter syrup. Additionally, they note, some children and adults may be unable to chew or swallow certain supplements, and may require a specialized format for medication delivery. Unlike very large big name pharmacies, MedLife Pharmacy & Compounding offers compounded or specialized variations of drugs to make taking medications a much easier process. MedLife Pharmacy & Compounding explains that they are able to make drugs in special dosage forms including creams, lip balms, sprays, chewable gummy treats, and even lollipops. They can also make medications that are free of dyes or alcohols in order to help patients who may have allergies or certain sensitivities to these substances.
  • Pain Management – Pain is an issue for people of all ages and situations, from children dealing with illnesses to seniors dealing with a host of conditions. While many commonly prescribed and commercially available pain relief medications are successful, they may sometimes induce myriad side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness, stomach irritation, and GI irregularity. MedLife Pharmacy & Compounding notes that many people are relieved to learn that compounding pharmacies offer personalized pain relief options. Some of these include alternate dosage formats, such as topical gels, creams, or sprays that can be used, as well as sublingual (under the tongue) formats, nasal sprays, or suppositories. Additionally, chronic pain sufferers who take a variety of medications can have them combined into a single, specially prepared compound for greater convenience.

Because every patient is a unique human being with individual considerations to take into account, MedLife Pharmacy & Compounding prides itself on crafting customized solutions that prioritize patient care. The pharmacy additionally notes that they offer the affordable prices on oxytocin, levocarnitine, and leucovorin medications. For additional information about MedLife Pharmacy & Compounding, or about the practice of pharmaceutical compounding in general, call the Irvine pharmacy today at 949-502-7272 or visit them online at

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