Severe Back Pain Sufferers Avoid Back Surgery with Spinal Decompression Therapy

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Severe Back Pain Sufferers Avoid Back Surgery with Spinal Decompression Therapy

Normal, United States - February 11, 2017 /PressCable/

Dr. Jeffrey Dickhut,Chiropractor and Clinic Director of Allied Health Group in Bloomington-Normal, IL,

Spinal decompression therapy has become an integral treatment for patients experiencing the most extreme and debilitating back pain and neck pain when normally the only other option his patients believe is they have surgery. Anyone who has back pain or neck pain due to a damaged disc may see remarkable results from spinal decompression therapy. Examples of these conditions include bulging discs, herniated discs, degenerative discs, protruding discs, Spinal Stenosis, Sciatica or even failed spine surgery.

Spinal Decompression Therapy is a non-surgical, traction based treatment. The decompression works by helping to open up the space between the vertebrae. It creates a negative pressure in there and helps bring in nutrients, fluid and oxygen, so the body can work to better repair itself. It goes through 18 cycles of gently pulling and relaxing in about a half an hour period of time. It is not a painful process. Many patients fall asleep while they’re doing treatment.

Spinal decompression patient: Charlie- “I had some back pain problems, pretty severe back pain problems. .. I had called the Laser Spine Institute, was considering surgery. I wanted to do everything I could before I went into surgery. I found out about this spinal decompression treatment. .. I didn’t want permanent back damage, so I decided to try the spinal decompression. Doctor Dickhut and his staff has been amazing. .. After going through it, and taking care of everything, we got down to the point where everything was better.It’s just phenomenal how I didn’t have to go through a surgery… I feel like a new man. To me, thumbs up. Both thumbs up. I like it.”

What exactly makes non-surgical spinal decompression treatment so special?

Patients and Physicians generally look for the best treatment method to manage a health condition. What matters the most on top of effective treatment, are the side effects endured before, during, and after treatment. Now this is where non-surgical treatment excels the most. Except for a routine pre-therapy evaluation, the patient will never be required to undergo any form of treatment prior to the decompression sessions.

Since there is no cutting into the patient whatsoever, the therapy session ensures no pain is felt throughout the therapy session. The patient is simply put on a computerized table and held in position by padded comfortable straps. This gives security and makes sure there is no movement during the session as this can further harm the patient. Next, the treating physician will slowly apply pressure to the affected region using the computer equipment. This pressure is increased bit by bit until a relevant tension is reached, all the time verifying with the patient through verbal communication. This tension is maintained for some minute before it is slowly reversed.

Unlike surgery, the non-surgical method of decompressing takes less than 45 minutes per session and will not require recovery time or any hospitalization. The patient is treated on the go. It may require, however, a number of therapy sessions before total pain relief can be achieved.

Outcomes of non-surgical spinal decompression treatment

When correctly applied, spinal decompression increases the space between two spinal discs, thereby creating a form of vacuum inside the spinal canal. It is this vacuum that allows herniated discs to slip back in place and lets the spinal cord occupy is original place away from the disturbing bone. Concurrently, circulation is increased through the spinal region, making it possible to supply the discs with enough nutrients to accelerate the healing process.

The result is immediate pain relief in the majority of patients already treated. The relief in natural and not linked to any drug intake or surgical procedure, therefore there is reduced chances of the pain coming back after treatment. Most patients go on to live a comfortable life with minor precautions taken from time to time, so as to prevent the condition from reappearing.

Patients that experience continued pain after therapy by non-surgical spinal decompression treatment are usually re-evaluated and the treatment plan adjusted accordingly. This can involve prolonged and frequent sessions. The same is true for patients that experience pain again after a period of initial remission.

Dr. Jeff Dickhut is the Clinic Director of Allied Health Group and has completed the Kennedy Decompression Technique course work and passed the qualifying examination to achieve the status of “Certified Practitioner” in Spinal Decompression Therapy. He is one of only two certified Spinal Decompression practitioners in the Bloomington-Normal, IL area.

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