Varicose Veins Myths Highlight the Importance of Understanding Medical Options, says Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center

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The Washington State clinic comments on a recent article, stating that, while misunderstandings about varicose veins and related conditions abound, there is an increasing number of effective treatments available to patients.

Olympia, Washington (PRWEB) September 11, 2017

An August 30th article on Daily Express explores a number of common misconceptions about varicose veins. Among these are the idea that only aging and overweight patients suffer from enlarged veins (genetics are also an important component), and that varicose and spider veins are only a cosmetic concern.

The Washington State clinic Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center notes that patients troubled by enlarged veins should understand that enlarged veins are not simply eyesores; they can be a sign of underlying venous disease that is a culprit for ulcerations of the skin and blood clots. The Center also points out, however, that the number of effective treatment options for dealing with varicose veins is on the increase. These include:

Endovenous Laser Vein Treatment (EVLT): The surgical procedure known as “vein stripping” was once the primary method of treating enlarged veins, but it has since been supplanted by minimally invasive treatments that deal with the problem in a more precise manner, says Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center. EVLT works via an extremely thin fiber that treats the enlarged vein with laser-generated heat, closing off the vein and redirecting the flow of blood to more healthy veins. This procedure is performed under a local anesthetic and involves little recovery time, the clinic notes.

Radiofrequency Closure – Known under the brand name of Venefit, this procedure is widely regarded as the gold standard for varicose vein treatment, says Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center. The procedure utilizes radiofrequency energy, which is exposed to the vein via a catheter. As with the EVLT, the heat generated by the radiofrequencies seals the vein, and redirects the flow of blood to veins that have not been compromised.

Venaseal – This technique employs a novel polymer which glues the vein shut and which is delivered precisely into diseased veins. One benefit is that this procedure offers the simplest aftercare following the procedure. No dressings or special compression stockings are necessary post procedure, and patients can return to the regular routine, including even vigorous activity, immediately.

Varithena – A non-surgical injection based treatment that introduces a small amount of new, proprietary microfoam directly into enlarged veins, closing off the vein and redirecting the flow of blood. Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center notes that, where appropriate, this is a highly effective treatment, especially for branch veins.

Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center concludes by noting that additional types of treatment are available. Moreover, all cases of varicose and spider veins are unique to the patient and treatment selection should be carefully made in consultation with a qualified physician who specializes in vascular disease. Interested readers can learn more about vein treatments by calling (253) 948-4378. They can also learn more online at Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center has two Washington State locations, one in Olympia and the other in Gig Harbor.

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