Pro Active Chiropractic Center Announces New Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

Their team is helping those who have experienced peripheral nerve damage live a pain-free life, reports

Columbia, MO - February 23, 2018 /MarketersMedia/

Peripheral Neuropathy is a physical condition which results from damage to the peripheral nerves and nerve endings in the body. The symptoms of this condition often start to manifest themselves as a loss of function (such as reflexes, strength, balance, or sensation), later developing into more prominent feelings of pain, burning, or tingling.

“Research shows approximately 50 percent of diabetics will develop this condition. Many people using statin pills or cholesterol medication will be affected by this mysterious and under-recognized issue. Over 20 million people in the U.S. currently suffer with Peripheral Neuropathy, yet information about this condition remains nearly impossible for patients to find,” said Dr. Scott Stiffey of Pro Active Chiropractic Center.

Unfortunately, the negative symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy which lead to functional loss often go undetected by patients because of the brain’s ability to make up the difference. When positive symptoms (such as pain or tingling) become obvious, many traditionally-trained physicians are confused about what to do and cannot recognize Peripheral Neuropathy as the underlying cause. They may tell their patients to simply live with the pain or continue to prescribe stronger doses of medications that don’t truly fix the problem. Eventually, patients find themselves living a “drugged up” existence as they become trapped in a world of suffering.

Still, there is good news for those affected by Peripheral Neuropathy: getting treatment from an experienced chiropractor columbia mo can help. The often under-recognized sensory losses that occur with this condition can only be detected with a proper clinical exam. The chiropractic team at Pro Active Chiropractic Center has the necessary tools to uncover the underlying cause of silent nerve damage and treat it with drug-free alternatives. Chiropractic treatment can help re-establish circulation and blood flow to the nerves as well as re-active receptors and small fibers which allow the body to function properly.

“Currently, traditional medicine has found no cure for Peripheral Neuropathy. However, as a columbia mo chiropractor who has been treating this condition for many years, I have seen patients use the power of chiropractic care to get to the root cause and get rid of their symptoms and the host of issues which accompany them. For those who are tired of playing games with doctors, we encourage them to get in contact with our team and see how we can help them find true, lasting relief.”

About Pro Active Chiropractic Center:

The goal of Pro Active Chiropractic is to provide quality, holistic, and individualized care to improve clients’ quality of life in any way they can. Whether this means gaining a pain-free life, returning to activities they love, or increasing their personal performance, Pro Active Chiropractic is passionate about helping clients achieve their goals. The center uses a functional medicine approach to treating long standing conditions without drugs or surgery, while getting excellent results without harmful side effects.

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Name: Dr Scott Stiffey, DC
Organization: Pro Active Chiropractic Center
Address: 1 East Broadway, Suite C1 Columbia, MO 65203
Phone: 573-607-2727

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