The Tech That Could Transform the Oil Sands Industry

LONDON, July 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

A small but ambitious energy technology company has set its sights on bringing to market, some of the largest 'oil deposits' on earth: the vast and mostly untouched oil sands piled up across Canada, Russia, Venezuela and the deserts of the American southwest. Mentioned in today's commentary includes: TransCanada (NYSE:TRP), Pengrowth Energy Corp. (NYSE:PGH), Franco-Nevada Corporation (NYSE:FNV), Whiting Petroleum (NYSE:WLL), BHP Billiton Ltd. (NYSE:BHP).

With oil prices once again exceeding $70 a barrel, the company has suddenly popped onto the radar screens of energy investors everywhere.

The company is Petroteq Energy (PQE.V; PQEFF) a Utah-based technology firm that has patented a new 'clean' extraction technology that could revolutionize the entire oil sands industry.

The Next Step in oil extraction tech

Oil sands are naturally occurred soils lying at or near the earth's surface that are a mixture of sand, clay, water and a thick, tar-like form of petroleum known as bitumen.

Ignored until the last few decades, geologists now believe that the world's oil sands could eventually yield a staggering 1 trillion barrels of oil worth up to $70 trillion. The oil sands in the Canadian province of Alberta alone have proven reserves equal to about 165.4 billion barrels.

The problem: traditional methods for extracting petroleum from oil sands, such as currently used in Canada, require using vast amounts of water and leave significant environment pollution in its wake. The process is so costly and destructive that many oil producers have now voluntarily abandoned it.

In contrast, Petroteq (PQE.VPQEFF) has patented a revolutionary new "clean" technology that extracts 99% of the oil from dry oil sands - but without using water or leaving toxic chemicals and greenhouse gases behind. In fact, the only thing that Petroteq's new technology leaves is clean, dry sand.

Oil for a fraction of the current oilsands production cost

Even more amazing, Petroteq's new technology aims to keep the cost of extraction at rock-bottom prices, as low as $28 per barrel on large volumes - far below the prohibitively expensive and destructive oilsands extraction methods of the past. All this is not lost on experienced energy investors - such as the energy analysts at Deloitte. They see many reasons why Petroteq could quickly dominate the dry oil sands industry.  

Patented technology available nowhere else.

First, Petroteq has an iron-clad lock on its revolutionary "eco-friendly" extraction technology. The proprietary process consists of a complex series of steps involving specialized solvents, milling and mixing, and clean extraction that leaves no residues.

The potential of this technology for licensing fees is enormous. The world's largest oil companies in places with large dry oil sands deposits could quickly use Petroteq's patented technology to begin extracting enormous amounts of oil.

This could potentially generate big dollars in licensing fees for Petroteq (PQE.V; PQEFF).

Already sitting on untapped oil reserves.

Petroteq has already purchased rights to exploit an enormous deposit of bitumen in eastern Utah, the equivalent of 87 million barrels of oil worth an estimated gross $5.2 billion if extracted at today's oil prices. This resource, much of it lying just below the surface, is located close to oil transportation facilities in Utah - itself a centrally located distribution point in the U.S.

Petroteq is currently set to begin producing 1,000 barrels per day when it goes into operation in September. Its goal is to ramp up production to 5,000 bpd by the end of 2020. That alone would represent $118 million in potential annual cash flow.

A virtually limitless market

What's more, the Utah oil sands could be only the beginning. Geologists estimate there are 175 billion barrels of usable oil locked in the oil sands of Canada... 58 billion in Venezuela... 42 billion in Kazakhstan... 34 billion In Russia... and 21 billion in the U.S.

Altogether, just these proven reserves alone could be worth trillions of dollars. The U.S. Southwest alone has hundreds of millions worth of oil in dry sands that are ripe for safe, relatively inexpensive exploitation through Petroteq's (PQE.VPQEFF) new methods.

A strategic position in the industry

Another big reason why energy investors are looking at Petroteq is because of its strategic position in the entire oil and energy industry due to its recent development of Blockchain technology. The company is creating a supply chain network for the oil and gas industry which is intended to be used globally, called PetroBLOQ, using the decentralized online ledger system known as Blockchain.

This network is being built to allow small oil and gas producers worldwide to access, and track, the vast amounts of equipment, materials and services needed to produce oil and gas today.

A "dream team" for management

Petroteq is unlike any other energy tech company. The combination of revolutionary new extraction technology AND a ground-floor oil supply chain network has only been made possible by unique management expertise.

CEO David Sealock is an industry veteran with more than 26 years' experience in both the oil and gas industry and technology. He has served as a vice president of the Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC), a Canadian hydrocarbon industry association, and spent six years as president and CEO of Sunshine Oilsands, another pioneering oilsands company.

Sealock is joined by R. Gerard Bailey, Ph.D. as president, a chemical engineer who has spent decades as an oil and gas consultant for firms from the Middle East to Nicaragua.

In addition, Bailey and Sealock also have the assistance of Chief Technology Officer Vladimir Podlipskiy, Ph.D., a research chemist with numerous patents who is responsible for developing the unique processes that go into Petroteq's clean extraction technology.

The unique combination of energy industry experience and advanced technological and chemical expertise is one of the reasons why Petroteq could potentially dominate the burgeoning dry oil sands clean extraction industry.

A micro-cap stock that could grow  

Finally, investors love small-cap energy companies. The cyclical boom and bust aspect of the oil industry means that small, undiscovered energy companies can often see the value of their shares rise dramatically as oil prices rise, and the opposite when oil prices fall. Right now, oil prices look to be steady and rising.

Petroteq is already showing signs of investment excitement. Its shares have increased smartly in just over a year... and the company hasn't even gone into production yet.

Once it begins producing oil this fall, observers anticipate a potential boost in its enterprise value. With oil prices currently trending higher, Petroteq (PQE.VPQEFF) could represent a unique opportunity.

Other companies to watch as oil prepares for another bull run:

TransCanada (NYSE:TRP): is a major oil and energy company based in Calgary, Canada. The company owns and operates energy infrastructure throughout North America. TransCanada is one of the continent's largest providers of gas storage, and owns and has interests in approximately 11,800 megawatts of power generations.

With TransCanada's massive influence throughout North America, it is no wonder that the company is among one of Canada's highest valued energy companies. Investors can feel comfortable with the company due to its huge and diverse portfolio, and continuing eye for success.

Pengrowth Energy Corp. (NYSE:PGH): Another company that looks to have halted its falling stock price and is now preparing to ride the bullish sentiment in oil markets. Having shed a lot of excess weight this year in massive asset selloffs, investors can expect a much leaner and meaner Pengrowth in 2018.

For those investors who like to follow the smart money, billionaire investor Seymour Schulich bought millions of extra shares in Pengrowth in early October, boosting his position from 19 percent of the stock to 24 percent. He claims that he is confident that oil and gas is going up.

Franco-Nevada Corporation (NYSE:FNV) specializes in securing precious-metal streams, but the company also works in the oil and gas industry. With key assets in some of North America's most desirable oil and gas plays, including Texas, Oklahoma and Alberta, it is clear that the company has amazing potential in the coming years.

FNV ended 2016 with a relative bang. And as oil and gas prices inch up, investors are watching this diverse company very closely.

Whiting Petroleum (NYSE:WLL): Whiting is big in the Bakken, but it's been hit harder than most, so it's a great time to buy. It took on a huge chunk of debt right when the oil price collapse happened, when it bought out rival Kodiak Oil and Gas for $6 billion. But since then it's been improving its balance sheet and cutting costs to manage low oil prices. It's work in that area has been impressive.

BHP Billiton Ltd. (NYSE:BHP): This giant not only mines metals, it also extracts oil and natural gas and has a diverse set of assets to that end in the Gulf of Mexico, Australia, Trinidad and Tobago. Beginning its operations in the 1800's, BHP is a well-known name in the resource industry. With headquarters based in London and Melbourne, BHP's global presence is will accounted for.  

With such a huge influence across the globe, BHP has taken the role as an example in social and environmental responsibility. The company's incredible assets, global reach and leadership in the industry make it a great pick for investors.

By. Charles Kennedy


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