What Can One Do With Two Thousand Monthly Income? Asks LendChain’s CEO Oscar

As the saying goes, "No finances, no fortune." Nowadays, with the development of the society, people's living standards gradually improved and had more spare money. Financial is not the monopoly of the rich any longer. More and more people already realized the importance of financial and invested their spare money. With the emergence of digital assets, the concept of blockchain is gradually gaining popularity. People began to pay attention to the value of digital assets and gradually formed the "cryptocurrency circle". It is inevitable to get some digital assets in the " cryptocurrency circle", and many scattered digital assets are not being used. Traditional financial and digital assets field both agreed “the poor bemoan, the rich fret”. We all suffered from how to maximize financial benefits, make money with money, secure assets and minimize investment risks. Thus, financial is necessary no matter how much you earn. Many fresh graduates will be lost when facing poor salary without family support, let alone financial. Financial always be ignored especially for those people who think their salary are poor and investment are none of their business. However, actually the financial behavior itself is important no matter how much you earn. As long as you have money, it is necessary to manage it systematically, especially when it is fragmented.

Financial service was not noticed as the financial system evolved. 

Oscar invested in digital assets since 2013 and met his fellows. At that time, his pure idea was making money by picking overseas quality counterfeit projects. In 2016, as CMO of GXChain, Oscar was responsible for marketing. GXChain’s business was decentralized data marketplace, disclosing transaction to prevent private trafficking. Supported by encryption technology, GXChain established a transparent platform and has already solved credit problem. 2017 is Oscar’s turning point, with years’ experience in ITFIN, he explored and tried to apply blockchain to solve outstanding problems. By the second half of 2017, Oscar felt that collateral loan is a high demand for many people including himself and his friends. He researched from governments and found many limitations existed. There is no tremendous market if only focus on collateral loan. At the end of 2017, Oscar believed digital assets based financial is a tremendous market, which without competitors or service providers. He found this gap and wanted to fill it. Oscar contacted his best bro and quitted job for his own project – LendChain.

LendChain covers extensive businesses. LendChain is a decentralized digital asset financial service platform, providing financing, investment, insurance and other financial services for cryptocurrencies holders. At the financing side, LendChain provides collateral loan and credit financing services, covering BTC, ETH, EOS, GXS, QKC and other mainstream cryptocurrencies. At the investment end, LendChain has a professional investment and research team to provide a variety of investment products, such as fixed rate and floating income investment. Oscar defined LendChain as a comprehensive financial service platform, providing any financial requirements. A customer who intended to do the bottom fishing and bought ETH in March with a relative lower price. However, price collapsed instead rebounded, he invested LendChain then and earned yield unexpectedly. It is risky for some traditional B2B investors once annualized return exceeds 10%. But LendChain can provide customers hundred percent safe 18% annualized return product, due to the collateral is worth twice price of the loan. This is more profitable comparing to traditional investment. The temporary procedure is buying USDT first, depositing and investing. LendChain will optimize and simplify it.

Interests of users are first priority of LendChain. Oscar realized that customers do need an open, fair and transparent platform to satisfy them and fix them up. LendChain plays such an exactly role of meeting their financial requirements. Users can still get capital gains during the investment period. Users take full control of who or which collateral they aimed, without any interference from LendChain. Borrowers contain individuals and institutions. Investors can choose whatever they prefer. Institutions have to provide brand endorsement and collateral. Investors own hundred percent right of choice.

A quality project must have a solid shield behind. As early co-founder of GXChain, Oscar keeps a close connection with GXChain and always, he indeed appreciates team ability, technique strength and practical attitude of GXChain. This is also the reason why LendChain cooperate with GXChain. Meanwhile, decentralized data marketplace developed by GXChain is serving more than 200 enterprises. Through such long-time accumulation and burnish, GXChain’s TO C killer DApp – Blockcity owns almost 2 million real-name verified users which means LendChain will get strong traffic support in its initial stage. Thus, cooperating with GXChain is beneficial and harmless. A quality project must have a solid shield behind. A well-known IP always easily reassure and inspire confidence in users.

The blockchain is a speeding train, it will be full and drive away. As an integral or indispensable part of social progress, financial field, especially encountering advanced blockchain technology, needs to pay attention. With the development of blockchain applications and regulation improvement, this industry will gradually become regulated.

Blockchain technology can truly serve many traditional physical companies and solve outstanding problems although it is not immediate.

Blockchain, quite an unstoppable technology. Blockchain will change the public relationship over time. More people will understand and accept it. A lot of capital is coming in to realize their ambition. Blockchain developed very fast, in recent years, we can obviously feel it is totally different from the age of the Internet. Under legal supervision and restriction, more and more people will get involved, especially for those senior financial institutions and individuals. This market is tremendous, you will be left behind if you are indecisive, but remember, later better than never.

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