Top Family Lawyer Daryl Weinman Reveals Mediation Essentials for Divorce and Child Custody – Austin, TX

Daryl Weinman, founder at Weinman & Associates in Austin, TX, explains why mediation helps divorce and child custody cases. For more information please visit"

Austin, TX, United States - December 27, 2018 /MM-REB/

In a recent interview, Daryl Weinman, founder at Weinman & Associates in Austin, TX, revealed mediation essentials for divorce and child custody cases.

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When asked to comment, Weinman said, “Due to popular TV shows and movies, many couples incorrectly assume that their divorce will end up in the courtroom. However, many more divorces are finalized through mediation rather than in court, particularly in Texas. Here are a couple of vital things to know about mediation divorces going forward."

Mediation divorces allow both parties to creatively resolve disputes and compromise on divorce terms in a way that will work for the family’s unique situation. There is no downside to attempting mediation. Everything that happens during mediation is confidential and can never be brought up in the future, even if the case ends up in court. So, the parties can feel free to brainstorm creative ideas without the fear that those proposals may be used against them later. The main aim of mediation, according to Weinman, is to avoid litigation.

Couples wishing to divorce through mediation hire a neutral third party to act as a mediator.

“Mediators are used to help hammer out the final details in a divorce before it goes before a judge. A mediator goes back and forth between both parties to ensure the details of the terms of the divorce work well for everyone involved, including for the children," she said.

During this process, mediators also help break down complex ideas to both parties to ensure better understanding and communication during the divorce process.

Topics covered by mediators often include division of marital assets and debts, child custody care, and other forms of support.

When asked about the benefits of hiring a mediator to resolve disputes, Weinman commented, "Emotions often run high during divorces, and many make hasty decisions they come to regret. However, mediators can facilitate communication o ensure that both spouses stay focused on the issues at hand."

While anyone can legally be a mediator, according to Weinman, the best mediators for a family law matter are family lawyers.

"Because family attorneys have detailed knowledge of family law, they are the most qualified professionals to act as mediators in dissolving a marriage. In most cases, a judge will order that a couple make a good faith effort at mediation before going to court."

Weinman added that choosing a seasoned family attorney can help couples seeking divorce smooth out an otherwise contentious process.

“Keeping a calm and cool head during mediation will help both you and your ex get to the other side of the divorce relatively unscathed. Many who are hesitant in going through the mediation process due to an inability to compromise with their ex under normal circumstances are often surprised at how productive a mediation divorce often is," she added.


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