Clinical Nutritionist Nia Rennix Shares Expert Opinion on Body Dysmorphic Disorder

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New York City, May 15, 2020 ( - Clinical Nutritionist, and leading expert on Acanthosis Nigricans, Nia Rennix was asked by major publication, Essence Magazine to share her expert opinion on Body Dysmorphic Disorder in an article published on Nia Rennix is the Founder of The Rennix Weigh, a nutrition and wellness company focused on a variety of nutrition/wellness tools for those interested in adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Nia Rennix gives her expert opinion in the article "Do You Suffer From Body Dysmorphic Disorder?"  This article tackles the issue of the large number of individuals who struggle with their physical appearance. It can be a natural feeling at times for a person to want to change something about their physical appearance; however, having obsessive negative thoughts about ones outside looks, can pose far more serious issues.

Some people have a consistent obsession with their bodies and physical appearance. These people may have the condition "Body Dysmorphic Disorder." On that note, Rennix shared her expertise on the matter. According to her, Body Dysmorphic Disorder or BDD is a condition where a person becomes obsessed and hyper-focused on a supposed physical defect.

As Rennix pointed out in the article, a person who suffers from BDD finds an issue about any part of their body. This becomes a reason for them to dislike or sometimes, even hate that body part. In her experience as a Clinical Nutritionist, she finds the more common areas of dislike involve an individual's buttocks, stomach, chest, and hips.

BDD affects many people, even bodybuilders and athletes suffer from this obsessive dislike to a supposed defect. If people who work hard to achieve a certain type of body can suffer from BDD, average men and women can as well, according to Rennix. Anyone can suffer from negative body image ideas and become victims of BDD.

The obsessive focus on physical flaws can eventually lead to eating disorders, depression, or other serious issues. As Nia Rennix said to, one of the factors that influence one's self-perception is social media. Many people see pictures online, which they consider as a standard of beauty, but in fact have been manipulated by filters and photoshop.

BDD can lead to more serious mental health problems if not handled as soon as possible. Nia Rennix makes the important point to encourage people to be vigilant. Knowing the warning signs of BDD is vital. By knowing the signs, a person suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder can get professional help to overcome their concerns about their body image. 


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