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Best Seller Publishing announces the release of Peter Dredge's new book, Breakthrough: Surviving Alzheimer's and Why You Can Too.” It will be available for free download in the Amazon Kindle Store on September 7th.

Ann Dredge was a fit, active woman. A keen cyclist and sportswoman. But after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, she became unable to walk or talk and was expected to die within six months. Incredibly, three years later, she's alert and responding to her carers!

This book is a roadmap for those whose loved ones demonstrate early symptoms of Alzheimer's and shows that, with determination and dedication, it may be possible to arrest their decline and even recover lost function. It's an inspiring story, offering hope to sufferers and carers alike. Alzheimer's is fast becoming the biggest medical, social and financial challenge of this century.

“Today around 50 million people in the world display Alzheimer's symptoms, a figure expected to increase to 150 million globally by 2050. To put it in another perspective, by 2050 nearly half of people over age 85 will display Alzheimer's symptoms.” This means that soon, if it hasn't happened already, someone you love will be diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

What will you do? That's the question Peter Dredge faced when his wife, Ann, was diagnosed in 2012. For a start, he threw himself into learning more about Alzheimer's. He learned it's not so much a disease as a range of symptoms with many possible causes. Current research has identified over 40 possible contributing factors including lifestyle, genetics and environmental exposure. And yet Peter found most medical practitioners believe Alzheimer's sufferers are doomed to an inevitable, terminal outcome. Their “treatment” recommendation is sedation and palliative care. However, Peter discovered research teams who are achieving high levels of success treating people with early stage Alzheimer's symptoms.

“Breakthrough” describes his journey in uncovering the new treatment protocols and gaining access for Ann. You'll be glad you read it.

“Breakthrough” by Peter Dredge will be free and available for download on Amazon for 5 days (9/7/2020 – 9/11/2020) at:

“Breakthrough” has a 5.0-star rating on Here's what some people are saying:

“Peter and Ann are plowing through the muck of arrogance mixed in the mire of groupthink and bureaucracy of health care related to Alzheimer's. Society's explosion of impatience and misappropriation of resources compounds their barriers to healing. Society at large prefers the illusions that gurus are more than happy to promote, when Peter points out that the complexity of today's ills demands multidisciplinary teams.

“Yet, Peter and Ann's tenacity is our opportunity. As our aging population marches toward its sunset years, many of us will surely be deemed (by the high and mighty not to be challenged) hopeless – either as diagnosed with Alzheimer's or as the loved ones of the diagnosed. Peter and Ann created a wake through this muck and mire that we can follow, either to avoid the diagnosis or to healing away from its prevailing death sentence.” – Karen

“I bought this book because my mother is going through a difficult time in her life, and to try to better understand what she's going through. My grandmother has begun showing signs of Alzheimer's recently and it's been a large strain on my family. I just wanted a way to help me understand my mother's despair. What I found instead was comfort, insight, and hope tucked inside that despair. This is an amazing book that I learned a great deal from. I wanted to get into a headspace wherein I could understand my mother's pain, but I instead wound up learning ways to help ease her pain and taught her about some options for treatment we hadn't considered. She's reading it now and we're going to deal with this situation with renewed hope.

“Now, I don't want to give a false impression, this is a not a feel-good story; Ann's struggle was intense and heartbreaking. It's just that it doesn't stay that way for the entirety. Stick with this book, it's not an easy read, but an incredibly rewarding one. Even if you don't have a loved one suffering from the disease, I'd recommend reading it to give yourself an insight into the harsh reality of aging and dealing with any sort of illness. You'll be stronger by the end.” – Irene Michaels

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About the Author:

Peter Dredge was born in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1951. He met his wife Ann at high school in 1967 and the couple married in 1974. Following many years of happy married life including an international sailing adventure, raising three children, building and renovating a number of homes and jointly establishing a number of businesses; Ann was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's in 2012.

Ann's and Peter's refusal to accept that, in 2012, nothing could be done to treat Alzheimer's has taken the couple on an odyssey that led to Ann defying a three-months-to-live end stage Alzheimer's diagnosis in 2017, surviving when 20 million others haven't.

Peter states “Reluctantly, I have become an expert in managing an Alzheimer's recovery. I am not an expert in treating Alzheimer's, but I am an expert in beating Alzheimer's.”

Having never written more than a few hundred words in his life except under the duress of assignment deadlines, Peter has now written two books on Alzheimer's. He is driven by the desire to help as many people as possible realize that, with the right help, an Alzheimer's diagnosis need not be a journey of despair with an inevitable early demise.

"I'm incredibly grateful: grateful for the time I've spent with this wonderful woman, grateful for the life experience that helped us beat Ann's Alzheimer's, grateful for the research teams that provided the medical technologies and grateful to have the opportunity to share the story of our journey and our message of hope.”

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