Peter Machinis Tips for Fall Suit and Tie Fashion

Peter Machinis

Peter Machinis Explains The Suits New Role, Color Freedom, Relaxed Baggy Style, Athleisure Suits, Double Breasted Trends, Smart Casual, and Tie Styles.

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL, UNITED STATES, September 30, 2020 / -- Suits have declined in popularity in recent decades. In fact, one in five men no longer even own a suit. For those that do, they are often reserved for weddings and funerals. Some men still wear them to work, but these numbers have declined significantly as well. 2020 has not left the average person much to be excited about, but according to Peter Machinis, these suit trends might just change that.

Peter Machinis Explains The Suits New Role

The suit is no longer expected in the places it was once required. You can attend weddings, funerals, court dates, and days at the office without wearing a suit. You might assume this means the suit is doomed to become a distant memory, but something unique has happened. Peter Machinis says that since it's been released from its boxed-in, formal role the suit is being explored and reimagined in new ways. Also, a new generation of men are now discovering that they enjoy wearing a suit when they want to instead of having to.

Color Freedom

Suits are now available in a stunning array of colors. Peter Machinis says blue and green are taking the place of the safer gray and black. Brown is also very popular, and a great choice for those who aren't comfortable with bold colors. It's serious enough to be acceptable for most events, while still retaining a little fun. Be sure to pair a brown suit with understated color, like a baby blue button-up shirt or tee.

Relaxed Baggy Style

For many years, the trend in suits was a tightly tailored fit. This showed your status as someone who could not only afford a suit, but afford to have it tailored as well. It created a sophisticated look that worked well for its time. Now, Peter Machinis says that baggy is in. Suit jackets and pants are likely to be oversized or loose, with a more relaxed fit. However, a tailored fit is just as important. While it may seem as simple as grabbing an off the rack suit in a bigger size, to pull off the look correctly requires an expert eye.

Athleisure Suits

Athleisure suits are also a hot trend, according to Peter Machinis. These suits offer the classic style of a traditional suit with the comfort and fit of athletic fabrics. In addition to being trendy, they offer a slightly less formal style while still looking sharp. They are particularly great for busy days or travel.

Double Breasted Trends

The double-breasted suit is often seen as more formal, but the new trend is changing that. Peter Machinis says that the current style is reminiscent of the 70s and 80s. "One and a half breased jackets" are popular. You can wear them with traditional undershirts, t-shirts, or even no shirt at all.

Smart Casual

Peter Machinis notes that men's fashion is focusing on smart-casual. Men want something more formal than streetwear, but less formal than the traditional suit. One way to do this is to pair items in a way that is unexpected by mixing smart and casual pieces. A pair of light wash jeans, a hoodie, and a double-breasted suit jacket is an example. Leather is also becoming a popular way to be a bit more casual. Leather suit jackets and trouser pants are hot right now.

Tie Styles

Another way to capitalize on the casual trend is to go with an understated suit and a unique tie. This is a great option if you are more conservative, or if you can't afford to purchase several suits for different situations. A tie can completely change the tone of your outfit. Colors and patterns are popular, including paisley and plaid. Peter Machinis also says that knit ties are gaining in popularity. They offer texture and stand out from traditional ties without going overboard.

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