WooCommerce is the first eCommerce platform to market with Voice Shopping via speak2web

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AI that helps people shop smarter and faster

Speak2web's position in this major analyst quadrant is equivalent to the big tech companies.

Speak2web is a leading innovator and delivers solutions just as capable as the big tech companies.

The speak2web brand logo

The speak2web brand logo

Speak2web is helping retailers improve ease of use on the web and apps with voice recognition technology

Voice Shopping for WooCommerce will make shopping faster and easier for users of all ages, demographics, and abilities. There is nothing easier than just letting customers say what they want.”— Walter Angerer, speak2web CEOMINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, October 15, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Voice Shopping for WooCommerce is a new plugin from speak2web that is helping retailers to improve the usability and accessibility of their websites. This plugin also promises retailers analytics intelligence while protecting user privacy by meeting a global set of regulatory requirements.

“The significant shift to digital retailing is no passing pandemic fad. Even when the masks come off, an increased number of consumers will shop digitally – and they’ll do so because it is simply easier and more time-convenient than a trip through the aisles. Voice represents the ultimate convenience for shopping. All you have to do, ultimately, is say “yes.”
Jon Stine, Executive Director, Open Voice Network at The Linux Foundation

• Speak2web and WooCommerce are the leaders of their technology domains
• Voice has become the preferred method of interacting with technology by users worldwide
• Voice Shopping for WooCommerce was built to help retailers of sizes optimize usability
• Data ownership and privacy protections are at the core of speak2web’s vision & mission

Speak2web chose WooCommerce because it is the most widely deployed eCommerce platform with a market share greater than 30%. Over five million stores worldwide utilize WooCommerce accounting for over 5% of all websites.

Smart speakers are in over 200 million homes worldwide which is a significantly lower number than billions of mobile devices and computers owned by consumers. Considering that smart speakers are generating multiple billions of dollars in sales, and over 50% of online search is already done via voice, voice shopping for websites is a natural evolution of the technology.

The Voice Shopping for WooCommerce plugin is built for retailers large and small. The core experience delivers everything needed to get started with voice shopping for as low as $50 per month. The plugin eliminates the massive investment of implementing voice recognition on the web saving retailers tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Retailers wanting to offer more advanced voice recognition services can leverage Speak2web’s API developers to add services and features to the voice shopping experience. Those extensions are powered by the companies Simon AI platform which has earned major analyst quadrant ranking proving it to be more powerful than the voice assistants used on smartphones and smart speakers.

Use cases for Voice Shopping are not limited to just eCommerce. API integrations enable the assistant to deliver fast and accurate answers to customer questions. Simon AI integrates with structured and unstructured data allowing customer service, tech support, concierge, advisor, and a wide variety of other agents to be created with one access point. This can eliminate the customer's stress when being forwarded among multiple specialized representatives.

Privacy minded customers have bemoaned smart speakers and voice assistants because of their always on and always listening services. Platform holders of these assistants have also come under scrutiny for recording and listening to users – even when they are not using the assistants. Speak2web breaks this mold by utilizing an advanced AI that transcribes speech to text, does not record audio, and lets the user activate the microphone when they want to use voice.

Transcripts from voice users are a powerful tool for retailers. This customer opt-in data lets retailers know exactly what customers want in their own words. Additionally, Speak2web can offer advanced AI-powered analytics that parses out actionable insights like consumer intent and sentiment. This data can be fed directly to BI, CRM, and other applications creating interesting use cases for consumers of this data across an organization.

Retailers looking to deploy Voice Shopping for WooCommerce will enjoy optimized user experience, improved compliance with accessibility regulations, and a new set of insights that traditional analytics simply cannot provide. This SaaS service offering was purpose-built to be affordable and deliver a solid long- and short-term ROI to clients of any size. There is no better way for retailers to ring in the 2020 holiday shopping season than by implementing voice recognition on their eCommerce websites.

About Speak2web
Speak2web is the leading independent developer of voice recognition solutions. The company has earned significant analyst ranking and several awards for its bleeding-edge Simon AI platform. Over 300 customers trust speak2web to deliver voice services on their websites. These customers span multi-billion-dollar eCommerce giants through small local businesses important to their community. Speak2web envisions a voice-first world and is a proud member of the Open Voice Network at the Linux Foundation.

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How Voice Shopping Helps Retailers and Customers

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