STREAM: The Solution to Lowering Your Water Bill

EZ-FLO & Eastman brand products are currently offering the solution to lower your water bill.


Rockwall, TX, Nov 7, 2021 — EZ-FLO & Eastman brand products have been synonymous with premium quality appliance and plumbing products for more than 50 years. Offering over 6,000 products, every one of them carries a long history of quality and innovation, which makes them trusted and chosen by professionals and consumers.

Currently, Eastman has launched a new product for homeowners to help them lower their water bills up to 25%. STREAM: The solution to lower your water bill. STREAM is the realistic approach to lower your water bill without changing your use or affecting your water pressure. It is backed by science and it will not compromise the natural attributes of the water you use every day. It creates a compression zone, preventing air from passing through your meter, slowing the measurement of air in the main water line, saving you money.

By balancing the flow of water STREAM saves you money, avoiding sudden pressure changes that can cause your flow indicator to spin, without affecting your PSI on water and only controlling your flow rate. The LED light bulb for your water bill installs in minutes on your main water valve and works for you 24/7.

How does it work? STREAM utilizes the science of Fluid Dynamics to create a compression zone before your meter. Water in its uncompressed (turbulent form) is prevented from entering or passing through, the compression zone. All that can enter and pass through this zone is water in its compressed and liquid form, slowing the measurement of air in the main water line and thus saving you money. Another great asset is that you don’t need the help of a plumber and installation can be completed within 10 – 15 minutes once the water meter is located.

If you wonder what your savings will be, they all depend on how your household consumes water. There are 2 key types of consumption: fixed consumption and variable consumption. Using a faucet, shower, sprinkler are all forms of variable consumption, where there is not a fixed volume of water necessary while being consumed. This type of use will see the biggest savings as STREAM reduces over-Consumption and compresses your water down to its lowest metered volume. Fixed consumption is a little different. When you fill a pool or use your washing machine, you require a fixed volume of water to complete this task. In this scenario, the savings are found from STREAM reducing the volume of the metered water by compressing out the turbulence.

Will the STREAM valve help you if you’re on a well? Yes. Cavitation and hammering are caused by the on and off functioning of the good pump. A good pump is designed to maintain a pressure range with thin the water system, whenever the pressure drops below the threshold, the pump turns on, once the waterline has repressurized to the set range, the pump turns off. These cavitation bubbles act as little bombs where when they come into contact with the pump impeller or your pipes, they burst creating an extremely high heat exchange that, over time, causes pitting and metal fatigue. STREAM mitigates this by smoothing out the pressure shifts while creating a compression zone that aids in preventing air from entering your system.

Learn more about this top-quality product on and find out how it works. Stream – Tiny Device. Big Savings.

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Phone: 800-486-5256

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