Doom Hero:A First-Of-Its Kind in the Blockchain Gaming World

DOOM HERO:A First-Of-Its Kind in the Blockchain Gaming World

The exciting world of DOOM HERO is expected to be given a massive boost with its metaverse set to roll out in the coming months. Metaverse has become the trending concept in the tech scene and has attracted a host of tech giants.


Facebook revealed the change of its name to Meta in October and plans to spend $10 billion in developing a metaverse, and Microsoft has also delved into this unique technology. However, DOOM HERO is a step ahead of these tech juggernauts and will be rolling out a gaming-focused metaverse world.

An immersive blockchain gaming experience

DOOM HERO is the world’s first NFT+ DeFi+ RPG 3D strategy game, which perfectly combines blockchain NFT and DeFi technologies, allowing players to easily earn the corresponding revenue while participating in the game. Unlike traditional games, DOOM HERO uses blockchain technology to perfectly enable players to permanently own in-game characters and virtual items, and they can trade these items through the marketplace or transfer them to any wallet as a personal collection via blockchain.

There’s the freedom to create custom avatars or choose from existing avatars within the Metaverse. This brings a personalized experience for users, and they can interact with others in a PvP setting.

DOOM HERO combines the characteristics of blockchain technology and uses Defi financial mechanism to solve the problem of traditional game “only in but not out” in terms of operation and game characteristics, realizing the core concept of GameFi,play to earn, providing a safe and reliable asset export for DOOM HERO players to feel the entertainment of the game and get the corresponding income from it, so that the game investment time and invested assets can get an effective return on investment.

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Many traditional games and early blockchain games are less entertaining. Traditional games are mostly fast food, and the game creator keeps absorbing through “first charge” or opening new area, which leads to user fatigue. Most blockchain games also appear only in the form of cards, lacking in-game interactivity, and players can only focus on the revenue level. Combining traditional game modes, DOOM HERO will use exquisite 3D game graphics, abundant game content, and rich and diverse game activities to enhance game entertainment, and ensure the new experience brought by GameFi game on the basis of game players getting revenue.

DOOM HERO has built an open core value ecological platform integrating conversion platform, trading platform and game platform. All participants can obtain open and transparent rights and interests from the application of the ecological platform. Investors can purchase DHD and DHG on Coin Up.

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