K22B- -the world’s first SLG + RPG strategy blockchain game

1, Defi + NFT + games

The game adopts the SLG + RPG dual model mechanism to create the world’s first MMORPG blockchain game, combined with elements such as earth resources depletion, immigrant Kepler 22B planet, and the establishment of a new home, to provide players with immersive experience. Unity 3D engine and ARC high-profile rendering, which not only bring visual impact, but also have a variety of gameplay exploration.

2, Famous game team

Based on the Forest Network public chain, mihoyo Korean team-open the era of game change

Game design concept: something new | something exciting | something out of imagination

Participating works: “FlyMe2theMoon”, “Avallapse”, “The Original God” and many other high-quality and popular game works

3, Introduction to the game

K22B is a science fiction interstellar game that immerse players in various scenarios, including interstellar migration, base construction, energy development, military expansion, coalition government and Starfleet.The game takes Forest Network as the underlying technology, introduced NFT blind box lottery mode, the player obtained three props of energy kit, toolkit, supply kit synthesis into the star ship, open the first step of the planet migration plan…

4, playing method

K22B is a science fiction interstellar game, using SLG + RPG double model mechanism, by building a variety of game scenarios, the introduction of NFT blind box lottery, so that players get energy kit, toolkit, supply package of three props, through props synthesis star ship, open interstellar migration, base construction, resource plunder, interstellar peace, star sea…

In the K22B game, players accelerate the landing on planet Kepler 22B and build their own homes through a synthetic fleet.Upgrade unique skills, build advanced equipment, speed up the completion of tasks and get Token rewards, have different strategy gameplay at different stages, each equipment is an independent NFT asset, and has a unique value.

K22B aims to be the most fun and most profitable science fiction interstellar game on blockchain, allowing players to immerse themselves in the interstellar world, enjoy a sense of achievement while enjoying strategic games and earn corresponding rewards, so that players can earn while playing.

5, economic model

Game governance tokens: FOD

The whole network limited distribution, the only circulating currency in the game

6, FOD allocation proportion table

The total issuance of FOD tokens is 200 million, destroying 49%, including 2% allocated to technical team (1000 days lock release), 3% to foundations (1000 days lock), 2% to ecological applications, 1.5% for public offering (300 days linear release), 1.5% for private placement (300 days linear release); the remaining 90% is allocated to contributors (100-day lock linear release).

7, development planning

May 2021-Game Design

November 2021-Game Test

Late November 2021-On-strand testing

Early December 2021-Blind box advance booking

Mid-December 2021-Regular game is online

Late December 2021-Professional game is online

January 2022-Version upgrade

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